Chapter 21 Physics

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Question 1

Albert Einsteinwas irritated by the consideration that the world has a beginningconsidering the predominant consideration of the world as static.Georges Lemaître developed a model that supported the expandinguniverse ideology that fitted well with Einstein’s relativitytheory. The Steady State theory suggests that the world is unchangingyet dynamic, which is criticized by the gradual development of matter(expansion).

Question 2

Theage of the universe identified by Hubble is around half of theestimations made by the astronomers. The oldest globular clusterswere estimated to have an age of around 5 billion years, which wasquite relative to Hubble’s estimations. The age of the universe hasbeen updated to around 13.7 billion.

Question 3

RobertWilson’s measurement showed the first evidence for cosmicbackground radiation even when errors were detected at the beginning.Wilson and Penzias scanned the sky carefully with a device theyreferred to as the Holmdel Horn Antenna. The work was grounded on theperception that the big bang must have left remnants in the form ofradiation in space.

Question 4

One of the primary and most recent lessons fromthe Planck space observatory is that the most initial stars were bornlater than previously assessed. The Hubble Constant, which representsthe rate of universal expansion, does not have a harmonized valuehowever, the best measurement is around 73.8 km/sec/Mpc.