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Thebig bang had about four stages which are explosion, inflation, theprimordial soup stage, and finally the cooling and expansion stage.The elements formed during the big bang were, helium and hydrogen,and traces of beryllium and lithium. However, the cooling of theuniverse and the abundance of the elements mentioned above could notallow heavy elements to be formed.


Morethan a hundred million galaxies will be mapped, thousands ofsupernovas detected, and the cosmic structural patterns will berevealed. The project is successful and on 3rdFebruary 2017, astronomers discovered a trans-Neptunian object at theedge of the solar system (DavidGerdes, 2017).



Higgsboson proves how particles gain mass, and it is one of thefundamental particles in the universe.


Sincethe exotic decays are not electrically charged, computers cannotdetect them, but the human eyes can be able to detect the exoticdecays and their off-center vertexes. Also, the computers might misssome of the off-center vertexes, even though they are charged.


Oneof the arguments against the multiverse theory is that it is notscientific since it cannot be tested. However, some of the proponentsclaim that it is testable through observing multiverse pictures. Thatif our expanding bubble collides with another expanding bubble, animprint in the cosmic background radiation will be produced—ifdetected, it can be proof of the existence of a multiverse(Tegmark,2011).


Yes.Especially that of the illusion of time—that time does not exist.The videos use analogies and our daily experiences to explain theideas, making them be easily understandable by the general audience.


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