Charitable Organizations

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Servicedelivery has changed since the passage of 2009 Executive Order 13199.Currently, social services organizations both secular and faith-basedare effecting positive change in the community. According to Duff andBuckingham, most secular and religious agencies have expanded theirservice delivery to address diverse community challenges (2015).First, numerous grassroots groups are delivering used clothing, food,youth mentoring, and working with needy individuals and families. Thesecular and faith-based agencies have developed strong partnershipswith vulnerable and needy communities. The secular and faith-basedorganizations have become more efficient and effective than largerfederal government agencies and have managed to provide flexibleresponses to developing needs of the community. For example, in thecase of Hurricane Katrina, religious groups and community-basedorganizations responded aggressively to address the needs ofthousands of evacuees. Faith-based groups, non-profits communityorganizations were housing many individuals. Today, many of theseagencies are operating successfully across the states. However, thefederal government can sometimes enter into a partnership withcommunity-based organizations and alter the features that make theorganizations efficient (Duff &amp Buckingham, 2015). Therefore,sometimes the federal government can change the primary purpose andmission of the organizations leading to minimal freedom.


Consequently,I have developed my professional career with faith-basedorganizations. However, I have also served as a trainer for manyorganizations and consulting with many other agencies. The CatholicChurch is my primary employer. I was in charge of Family Life forCatholic Diocese responsible for resourcing churches in many states.I was in charge of advocacy, parenting education, marriagepreparation, and marriage education. I got experience in parentingadolescence and increased the scope and depth of parenting education.


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