Chevron Corporation

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Accordingto John S Watson, the current Chief Executive Officer of ChevronCorporation, the company is striving as much as possible to meet thehighest possible ethical standards by underlining their expectationsto abide by human rights policies (McCullaugh, 2016). For thatreason, the company is socially responsible in several ways. Forinstance, works hard to prevent significantenvironmental and safety incidents in the community by beingcommitted to meet its goal of zero oil spill incidents (Young, 2016).To meet the goal, the company properly manages its use of fresh waterresources so that it is sufficiently available to the community.Also, the company works round the clock to reduce on natural gasflaring as well as vent in order to reduce on greenhouse gasemissions.

Furthermore,as a socially responsible company, Chevron has an operationalexcellence management system that protects environmental pollution sothat people in the community live and work in an environmentallyfriendly atmosphere (McCullaugh, 2015). As well, the company providesemployment opportunities to various community members because itoccasionally needs people to work as subordinate staff. The companyis also involved in various community projects and programs such aswater projects so that the community gets sufficient drinking andwashing water.


Asa growing and developing company, is involved inbusiness activities that are fully sustainable for its employees,owners, community and customers. For instance, the company takessustainability on a serious note because it is keen on keeping thesafety as well as the health of its workforce. Also, the companyengages in women empowerment, fund research and development as wellas child oriented support programs to stimulate both sustainablegrowth and development (Jamali, et al 2015). The company also worksto provide goods and services to not only advance the community, butalso exceed expectations of its customers. On the same note, Chevronhas a sustainability policy of acting ethically, professionally andresponsibly in order to create good customer relations across theworld (Mocanu, 2014).


ChevronCorporation has various projects to help the less advantaged in thecommunity. For example, in 2015, the company advanced its strategicplans with more than $233 million in worldwide social investments inorder to help the less advantaged (McCullaugh, 2016). In the globalsocial investments, the company has focused on improving health,economic development and education of the less advantaged in thecommunity. The investments are also meant for creating jobs as wellas generating revenues for the disadvantaged in the community wherethe company operates.

Theglobal social investments of conform to therequirements of the theory of ethical relativism. According to thetheory, actions are either morally wrong or right depending on thenorms of the people where the actions are practiced (Sexty, 2013). Inthis case, is morally right because it is morallyright to help the less advantaged in the community where the companyoperates. For example, actions of Chevron of helping the lessadvantaged improve their living standards through creation ofemployment opportunities and generation of revenues. Actions of thecompany also improves living standards of the less advantaged becausethe company improves access to better education, health care andeconomic development. For that reason, Chevron practically applies aswell as fulfills the theory of ethical relativism because, in thecommunity where the company operates, it is morally right to help thedisadvantaged members of the society.


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