Child Creativity and Intelligence

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ChildCreativity and Intelligence

Nurturingcreativity is one of the most critical things that parents can do totheir children. Developing the aspect is not an easy task as itrequires a serious investment of both time and effort. A majority ofthe parents are extremely busy. Each day is characterized by events,transitions, commitments, and challenges (Levy). This has posed a dilemma because although responsibilities haveincreased, parents still seek to play the role of supporting optimaldevelopment in their children. The current paper seeks to explorechild creativity and intelligence as part of human development.

Firstof all, schools have become test driven during the current times. Thepresent preschools emphasize academic performance at the expense ofnurturing creativity. It is due to this that the role of parents innurturing inventiveness and intelligence has increased. To assistkids to develop creativity, it is important for parents to help thembecome the best they can be (Levy).This can be achieved because children have an unlimited capacity forcreative and intellectual growth.

Furthermore,parents should encourage their children to take stock of theirdevelopment from time to time and reflect upon becoming accountablefor their actions. To achieve this, they should cultivate children’sinterests as they emerge, stretch their intellect, develop copingmechanisms, and encouraging hard work. Confidence, empathy,integrity, and forgiveness assist children to become competent andcaring adults (Foster).Parents have an important role in modeling all these character traitsand emphasizing the importance of becoming kind, better, and strong.

Ontop of that, to develop children’s creativity and intelligence,parents should ensure that they are happy. Happiness in children maybe in different guises. For some, it may be in the form of art,music, or reading a good book, while for the others, happiness can bein the form of hugs, celebrations or having special moments withtheir friends and playing with pets. At times, successfulaccomplishment of tasks may also be joyful (Foster).Parents have a significant role in helping their children discoverthings or events that trigger happiness and create them.

Additionally,encouraging creativity in children is vital. This is because itfosters new perspectives that lead to discovery and help childrenmeet new challenges. Also, creativity sparks excitement, which is anactive and critical choice that children should develop. Therefore,parents should assist their kids to become creative. They also oughtto help them develop enthusiasm, communicate their ideas, build onknowledge, ask questions, believe in their capabilities, and beplayful. They should also show their children that learning and usingtheir imagination are important tools in becoming joyful.

Thatbeing said, to develop creativity and intelligence, it is alsoimportant to help kids triumph in all their undertaking. This can beachieved by helping kids develop perseverance as this is one of themost imperative transformative traits (Levy).Children will progress when they consider setbacks to be greaterchances of succeeding, and when they practice resilience instead ofgiving up. It is so because at times challenges can be fruitful andwhen children overcome obstacles they feel motivated. Therefore,parents should help their children to become persistent, develop workhabits, and realize the importance of effort (Foster).It is also critical for parents to support their kid`s autonomy,encourage them to become active decision-makers and problem solvers.

Allin all, nurturing creativity is one of the most critical roles thatparents should play. This is not an easy task, and it requires aninvestment of time and effort. Happiness is a vital tool in nurturingcreativity in children and parents should ensure that they are happy.It is also essential for them to nurture autonomy in decision-making.


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