Child`s Need for Magic by Bruno Bettelheim

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Child’sNeed for Magic by Bruno Bettelheim


Child’sNeed for Magic by Bruno Bettelheim

Inthe excerpt “TheChild’s Need for Magic,”Bruno Bettelheim describes the role of stories and fairy tales to thecognitive development of the children. The article focuses on thesocial and mental development of a child aided by the metaphoricrepresentation of life and the world as a whole (Bettelheim, 2010).While there is no empirical evidence on the benefits of the fairytales, it is evident that the ideological interaction between a childand multiple possibilities presented in the stories increases his orher cognitive stability.

Firstly,the stories and fairy tales enable the children to develop asubjective view of the world through sociological imagination. Whilethe parental teaching focuses on evident knowledge for dailysurvival, fairy tales mainly focus on past or imaginative societywith different sets of challenges and expectations.

Inthe cognitive interactions, the child learns to think from a multipleperceptive as opposed to socialization processes manifested throughregular interactions and refined information from the parents.Similarly, the stories and fairy tales increase the child’s abilityto form a stable personality. For instance, when listening to storiesof the ancient dragons, the children create a personified platformand attempt to think of the characters in the story thus enhancingtheir cognition activity.

Bettelheim(2010) posits that fairy tales also create a connection between thechild’s mind and the complex bits of knowledge. The Child’s Needfor Magic gives a multi-dimensional analysis between the mentalcapacity of a child, growth, and the physical surroundings.

Thestories orchestrated and taught throughout generations ensure thatthe kids enjoy continuous cognitive development through imaginationand interactions with multiple possibilities. Bettelheim proves theconnection through his well-argued article with valid social evidence


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