China`s Influence on the Third Wave Era

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China’sInfluence on the Third Wave Era

Theinformation age characterizes the third wave era with technologicaladvancements as the utmost feature. The Chinese dynasties of Song andTang were the pioneers of the revolution in China. China was a leaderin innovations and technology. Its waterways including canals, riversand lakes and how the people capitalized on them made the country aneconomic powerhouse (Strayer 300-360).It had already made advancements in the development of navigationalinstruments, like ships.

China’sinvestment in Military developments was a major input to the world’sbattlefields and security. Gunpowder was invented in China changingthe world’s dimension of military affairs. In the siege of theSong, Thunderclaps-another Chinese invention- was used to scare andconfuse the enemy. Despite that they did not kill masses, they provedto be a successful tactic (Strayer 300-360).

China’sTransformation Due to the Wider World Encounter

Chineseconstant interaction with the Northern Nomads enabled them to haveeconomic advancements. The Chinese did not want the Nomads from thenorth and even went to the extent of building the great wall to keepthem out. Nomads run the Silk Road trade, selling goods to China fromthe west. The practice of different economic strategies divertedChina to new practices and creation of new institutions for betterdevelopment (Strayer 300-360).Continuous interaction with the Chinese created a rapport between thetwo communities.

Chinahad interactions with Korea and Japan in wars and Trade. Thesecountries have different ways of life, but their association led tothe development of similar syllables in their language and culturalpractices (Strayer 300-360).Buddhism, a chauvinistic culture, ensued from Indian culture and gotengrained within native Chinese people. The interaction between thesetwo communities and others led to a change of how the Chinese viewthe world.


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