Christian Beliefs Regarding Family Life

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ChristianBeliefs Regarding Family Life


ChristianBeliefs Regarding Family Life

Family,marriage, and relationships are some of the essential, things in lifeand people are required to handle them with caution because they arepart and parcel of who they are. These are some of the concepts thatmake life what it is and determine how we live. The family is theprimary institution and is derived from a marriage process that isbound by a relationship based on love (Chambers, 2013). Peopleshould, therefore, strive to handle them with care since they play acrucial role in their lives.

Asa young single person and someone aspiring to date, get married andestablish a family, I would be required to be careful in the processof dating because it will determine who I end up getting married to.Marriage is a lasting union, and one is required to have made anassessment of the person to settle down with and made a decisionwhich will bind them to that union. I would not want to end up with aperson who will not have the qualities that I want in a mate and inmaking sure that I avoid this, the dating process will play anessential role. Therefore, there are some characteristics that I willbe looking forward to identifying a potential mate.

Firstof all, there has to be love, and the mate that I will identify willlove me which is evident through the actions that he will portray. The manner in which someone treats you often say a lot about them andthe place that you have in their heart, and therefore, I will be ableto identify if he is in love with me or not. My mate has to bepatient with me and not lose hope in me. Personally, I often take mytime to do something which could likely make me consume a lot of timedoing things and my partner will have to be patient with me and notthrow words at me. He also has to be God fearing since am a firmbeliever and would like to be associated with someone who has a highregard for God. I would want someone who challenges me to have abetter view of what God can do in my life and that of other people.Confidence and high self-esteem are other characteristics that Iwould want in a mate and someone that respects women. In ensuringthat I marry the right person, I will take my time when finding amate to make sure that I select the right mate from thecharacteristics that I would want in a partner. The move will enableme to have a long-life marriage and raise children in a happy familythat is bound by love.

Christianshold distinct beliefs regarding family and the values present. Thepost-modern society believes that people should raise a family thatthey can comfortably raise without many challenges. In this regard,anyone that gets many children when they do not have the capacity toraise is considered to be a disgrace since the children will grow upwithout access to necessities. The family aspect of togetherness haslost meaning in the post-modern society since people have becomeindividualistic and do not hold the communal responsibility that wasevident in the traditional (Bauman, 2013). Families have actedagainst each other leading to enmity amongst family members, andmostly it has to do with a property like lands. However, theChristians, in general, believe that children are a blessing from Godand families should take care of their children by providing themwith what they need in life. Notably, Christians regard family as astrong foundation in which love is evident, and partners are loyaland faithful towards each other. Children are brought up with valuesthat depict respect to God and are taught that they should respectand obey their parents too.

Inthe case of the Catholic Church, they are not subjective about thefamily element and that people should get as many children as theycan (Bauman, 2013). However, the family values are strong, and it isconsidered as one of the prestigious institutions in life. The coursehas enabled me to have a high view of the family, and my opinion haschanged since initially, I thought that family is what people make itbe. In as much as this might appear right, the family is aninstitution that requires a commitment to establish the elements oflove, trust, and respect. When it comes to the church family, I willundertake the aspect of community outreach and seminars that willemphasize on the need to cultivate a favorable environment around thefamily institution. The family in which I was raised at has alwaysbeen together, and there is no time that we have had any negativecase surrounding us. My parents raised us accruing to the churchvalues, and we have maintained a good image at the society level.Therefore, the Christians have not given me any negative feedback inregards to my family and the life that we have lived. The image thatwe have cultivated has earned us respect in the community thus beinga role model to many other families.

Forthe families to attain success and survive in a society that has beenidentified as individualistic there are some significant conditionswhich should be met. One of the conditions is that of happinesseither the family is a single one or nuclear. The happiness will bederived from the ability to meet all the basic needs through havingan income (Argyle, 2013). Also, being united makes the family membershappy through the various occasions that bring them together. Happyfamilies grow, and they can do many things together that advancetheir ways of life through coming up with initiatives that make theirstandards of living go higher. Therefore, happiness acts as a strongfoundation towards the growth of the families.

Anotherbasic need is the belief that God is the ultimate controller and isthe one who will see them through. A family that believes in Godoften stay together, and this will make them attain success in life.They should put all their burdens to God, and he will see themthrough and provide solutions to all their issues. Life will alwayslimit people by posing many challenges that will make them feel likeGod is not on their side, but patience will make things happen sinceGod works at his appointed time. If a family takes the time to prayand ask God to see them through their needs, success will come theirway and make them achieve a lot of things in life.

Notably,love will always make a family succeed and makes it stick togetherduring the bad times. It is this love that makes them stay together,and they are willing to go to nay extent to help any member of thefamily who would need any form of assistance (Argyle, 2013). Loveestablishes a kind of unity in the family, and during the times ofneed, there is aid that comes through from the family, and at timesthey can come up together and decide to undertake some projects thatcan provide income. Such steps would enable them to succeed in lifeand always be together through thick and thin. From my experiencerelating to my family, we have always been bound by love, and thus wealways help each other, and this has led us towards greatachievements.

Inconclusion, the family is vital in the lives of people, and thedating process is important in establishing a relationship anddeciding the partner that one settles with. Christians believe thatfamily is a primary union and that people should adhere to that whichimproves the family and makes it united. Some of the conditions thatmake it possible for the family to attain success are love,happiness, and believe in God and when people find these elements, itis only a matter of time, and they will have made it in life. Familylife is based on these conditions and makes it possible to meet allthe desires and needs in life especially with God in their lives.Therefore, individuals should put all their efforts towards takingcare of the family institution.


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