Christian Worldview on Internal and External Dynamics of Quality Measurement

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ChristianWorldview on Internal and External Dynamics of Quality Measurement

TheChristian worldview does not only answer intellectual questions butinstead it must be guided by biblical principles in both practical aswell as personal spheres of life. This is implies that Christiansbeliefs and practices can be influenced by secular worldviews. Thisimplies that Christianity can be well elaborated in biblical messagesbut its methods are not biblical. As a result, it has become trickyto understand the Christian worldview in relation to qualitymeasurement(Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, &amp Shabot, 2013).The aim of this article is to demonstrate how Christians frames theinternal and external dynamics of quality management. This isessential because Christian worldview has become influential whenpeople makes health related decisions.

Accordingto Christianity, quality originates from within before it ismanifested on the outside. However, the external composition assuresthe world about the inner quality of a person. This means that theboth internal and external dynamics are reliant on each other whenassessing one’s quality. The internal dynamics are used to definesomeone to themselves while the external dynamics are essential forother people to understand the person. Therefore, Sadeghiet. al, the Christian worldview provides that quality is only evidentif a person expresses the truth not only in what they preach but alsoin the methods used to preach. This implies that quality is onlyavailable when it can be readily seen transcending from within untothe surface.

Similarly,as per the Christian worldview, quality is present if the person isable to help people identify and connect between what can visible aswell that that is invisible in reality. This shows that a person isrequired to help others not only to concur intellectually with whatis visible but as to practically act based on that. As a result, aChristian should not be ashamed of making what might be declaredsenseless choices on a daily basis about the invisible world. Theyhave to hold that high quality cannot be measured because it exceedsall tools, units and methods of measurement(Sadeghi et al).This is because a Christians believe that they gain so much in theunseen world compared to the losses they incur in the natural world.

Finally,the Christian worldview holds that quality is evident when there isgenuine credibility among believers. This requires one to act inmanner that cannot be explained, understood and duplicated bynonbelievers using their natural approaches. According to Sadeghi et al, then it follows quality is deemed available only if it can beexplained using the insights provided by supernatural. It means thatChristians are supposed to endeavor in actions that might seemirrational and costly to those living in the natural world. However,it should be their agenda to help such lost individuals reconsidertheir ways and change to attain eternal life.


Insummary, Christian worldview of internal and external dynamics ofquality measurement are unique and differentiated from theperceptions among naturalists. As per Christian framing, qualityshould exceed what is common to every person. In fact, quality isonly acquired if it is not possible for the people in the naturalworld to develop tools and methods of measurement. Instead, there isneed to leave the nonbelievers wondering about the reality orpossibility of such acts. In other words, as per the Christianworldview, quality measurement is only possible through the spirit asopposed to techniques used to please the flesh.


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