Christianity in the Marketplace

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Christianityin the Marketplace


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Christianityin the Marketplace

Thisscript is a report of the book: WeWalk By Faith, Not By Sight: Women of Faith in the Marketplace Volume1 Paperback(2017). Compiled by Kristi Lynn Olson, the book is co-authored by tenother successful women namely: Lynette Dutton, Debbie Stroman, LeshaBerry, Nickquolette Barrett, Pam Russell, Erinn Lynam, Heather Honig,Pamela Benson Owens, Janel Barksdale, and Leisha Dukat. The 122-pagemanuscript was released on the 28th of February, 2017, and has sincebeen translated into French, Spanish, and Italian.

CentralTheme of the Book

Ina nutshell, the book WeWalk By Faith, Not By Sight: Women of Faith in the Marketplace Volume1 Paperback(2017) is a compilation of the personal success stories of the 11ladies that have co-authored it. With each chapter covering thenarrative of one author, the book is a compelling work of art becauseit provides encouragement to women in the business arena to engagetheir faith as they undertake their business activities on a dailybasis. All the authors of this book have one thing in common: theyhave navigated their way to the top of their industries because ofliving consistently with God`s purpose for their lives. The title ofthe book itself is symbolic of the central theme of the book becauseit uses the words faith more than once.

Forinstance, there`s a chapter dedicated to Nickquolette Barret. Barretis the founder and chairperson of iRockResumes,a leading career development company in the U.S. Even though herjourney to success was characterized by trials and tribulations,Barret is currently one of the best career developers in Dallas,Texas. With more than 15 years in leadership and more than 25 incorporate America Nickquolette Barret gives the story of how she haspassionately helped thousands of her clients land their dream jobs,create a career, and live fulfilling lives.

Similarly,there`s a chapter written by Pamela Benson Owens. Here, Pamela notesthat being a Christian has helped her overcome the bumps and bruisesin life to become successful. Using her Bible, Pamela talks about howshe has extended grace to other people to help them overcome thebumps of life because she is living proof that walking by faithworks. All the other chapters of the book are comparable to thenarratives of Barret and Pamela since they are all dedicated tosubstantiating the fact that a woman who walks in faith alwaysemerges victor in all her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Thecentral theme of the book is drawn from the similarity cutting acrossall the personal narratives of the authors who happen to beexclusively women. First, all of them start their journeys to successby facing challenges both in personal and professional perspectives.However, walking by faith, they all overcome life challenges toachieve success in their respective industries even when everythingaround them looks like insurmountable obstacles. Second, all theauthors of the book have influenced those around them. Throughspeaking openly about faith, telling people to pray for a favor fromthe Lord, and inviting people to church, all the authors influencethe people around them.

Forinstance, Nickquolette Barret talks about how using the Bible as atool, she has more than once, changed the organizational values ofdifferent corporations. Pamela also talks about how her Christianinfluence helps her bring boardrooms full of disputing executives,directors, and CEOs into harmonious consensus. Essentially, all thefemale authors of this book have engaged faith to successfullynavigate their way to the top in both their professional andentrepreneurial endeavors. Per se, the central theme of the book isthat a determined woman, living consistently with God`s purpose forher life, can overcome bumps and bruises to become successful in herprofessional marketplace. By being confident (faith) in what they seein their spirit (vision for success), these ladies are not swayed bywhat they see by sightin a secular marketplace.


Thisbook is an effective, inspirational text because it provides a21st-century woman with the best alternative to becoming successfulin a marketplace stereotypically known to be the playing ground ofthe male species. For instance, it is internationally accepted thatfor a woman to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace, aneducation is the only key. Sometimes, women in different marketsdepend on their looks or social connections to pull success towardstheir doorstep.

However,the personal narratives of this book`s authors have proven thatthere`s more to it than just being highly educated, beautiful, andwell-connected all combined. Despite the fact that they are allwell-educated, the authors of this book still experienced bumps andbruises in the initial years of their professional andentrepreneurial lives. However, their career prospects got betterwhen they started doing things differently by directing Christian andevangelistic activities towards the marketplace.

Trustingthat God has a purpose for their lives, all the authors of this bookbecame blindto the secular influences of the market. They could not see withtheir natural eyes, adverse influences of the secular world in theirrespective marketplaces. Through exercising faith, all the authors ofthis book gain the favor of climbing the ladder in their respectivemarkets from God. What this implies is that above and beyond beingacademically qualified for various posts in the marketplace,well-connected, or beautiful, it needs faith for a woman to becomesuccessful which makes me consider this book as a useful,inspirational tool.

Thebook inspires women to apply Christian values and practices in theirrespective marketplaces for them to win favor from God and attain theseemingly impossibledesiresin life. What this book does best is to provide the millions of womenthat had lost hope in life with a second lifeline to redeemthemselves.

What`smore, the authors of this book emphasize the importance of helpingothers develop faith in God and assist them to live consistently withGod`s plans for their lives. It motivates women to create meaningfulvalue and impact at their places of work by leading people to Jesusthrough speaking openly about faith, inviting people to church, andasking people to pray to God for a favor. Just because this bookpositively impacts the entrepreneurial and professional lives ofwomen, I am confident of the fact that it is an effective,inspirational tool.

Consideringthat this is a business class, I can confidently say that thisparticular book is closely connected with the school course.Specifically, I am taking this business class so that I can becomewell-informed on the current protocols of conducting business incompetitive marketplaces. Nonetheless, as I had mentioned earlier,the sole application of these theoretical concepts that I will learnin class will not be sufficient to help me achieve success in myfuture professional and business undertakings.

Consequently,this text is related to the school course because it provides me withan insight into how I can effectively put to use, the theoreticalbusiness concepts I will learn in class for me to become the best Ipossibly can in my personal, professional, and entrepreneurial life. In essence, this book is connected to the course because it addsvalue to the application of the business concepts present in theschool course.


Thisbook has left me with an entirely different perception of how livingconsistently with God`s plan can positively influence a woman`ssuccess in the personal, professional, and entrepreneurial contexts.I have learned that with faith, a woman can be propelled to higherlevels of achievement both in personal and vocational settings byconducting daily activities from a Christian perspective. As aChristian, my work is to be a witness and a good disciple of JesusChrist through my job or business. In light of this fact, I canpositively say that this book has opened my eyes because it hasenlightened me on how I can create value and improve the chances ofsuccess in my future entrepreneurial and professional engagements byacting as a good disciple and applying Christian concepts in themarketplace. Specifically, I am now aware that I can create value inthe future markets by inviting people to go to church, asking them topray to God for guidance and favor (including success in business),and speaking openly about faith. To say the least, this book haschanged my life because it has completely improved my perception ofhow Christianity can be applied in the marketplace to createorganizational value and lead people to Jesus through spiritualleadership and guidance. This is one of the best books I have evercome across.


Olson,K. L., Dutton, L., Stroman, D., Berry, L., Barrett, N., Russell, P.,Lynam, E., Honig, H., Owens, P.B., Barksdale, J., &amp Dukat, L.(2017). WeWalk by Faith and Not by Sight: Women of Faith in the Marketplace(Vol. 1). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Print.