Claim 1 Affirmative Action perpetuates Racism

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Claim1: Affirmative Action perpetuates Racism

(MC)Affirmative Action perpetuates racism. Despite the fact that theconcept was developed to achieve parity for the directly oppositereason. (2 MSC)The reason that affirmative action perpetuates racismis that it only gives the minority group formal equality ofopportunity, not substantive (Pierce, 915). Affirmative action wasdesigned to provide opportunities for discriminated groups to improvetheir status (3-MCS). The truth is, affirmative action does notaddress the sociological foundations of racism. It merely providesthe favored groups with access to wealth without the sociologicalfoundation necessary to catch up with the more advanced groups(4-MCS).

Claim2: Condoms should be distributed in public schools as a way toprevent teenage pregnancy

(MC)Welive in a consequentialist society (Crisp 11). People base themorality/goodness of an act or omission on its effect on society(2-MCS). Teenage pregnancy is a real concern affecting the youth inthe American society. Since prevention is better than cure, it isimportant to put in place measures that can be used to curb theteenage pregnancies from occurring (3-MCS). The most cost-effectivemethod is placing condoms at strategic places in public schools(Crisp 4-8). Condoms are easily usable and disposable. Distributingthem in public schools will also reduce the stigma that is associatedwith carrying condoms around (4-MSC).The benefits of safe sex willstay with them until adulthood.

Claim3: The legal driving age should be raised to eighteen-years-old

(MC)The legal driving age in the United States of America should beraised from sixteen to eighteen-years-old. (2-MSC) One of the mainrationales for this assertion is that teenagers are not yet fullypsychologically developed. (3-MSC) Consistently satisfactory motorvehicle operation requires a great deal of concentration(Čičević et al. 5). One must have thetemerity to maintain concentration on the road. (4-MSC) In additionto that, the market that we live in does not have many economicopportunities that would make a vehicle a factor of production. It isimportant to consider the real utility of giving sixteen-year-oldscar keys against eighteen-year-olds in the current market.

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