Class System Theory

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In “Iraq for sale: The war profiteers,” Robert Greenwald hasmade some assertions that can easily be linked to the class systemtheory. Carl Marx, in his class system theory, argued that thesociety, especially the capitalist society, is formed into variousclasses. Classes are organized according to their interests andposition of labor power in the society. In his film, Greenwaldpresents the evils that happened during the Iraq war (Brave NewFilms). The contractors and the suppliers of equipment, technicalsupport, food, and intelligence gathering made super profits throughovercharging the government and providing substandard services.

The film has demonstrated that the contractors had links withprominent politicians such as the then President Bush, as well assome Republicans who benefited from the profits. Notably, the filmmaker has demonstrated that there is a class of wealthy contractorsand suppliers in the Iraq war who are benefiting at the expense ofthe citizens (Information Clearing House). Companies such asBlackwater and Titan were given the responsibility to supply everymaterial for the war. They delivered substandard materials andcompromised the security of the soldiers, the civilians, and theiremployees (Hartung). This is the exact situation that is described inthe film. The contractors own the production processes and they havethe labor power.

Critics would argue that the Iraq war needed military equipment,food, intelligence services, and technical support. It is evidentthat the contractors are not the owners of the production processesand they only act on behalf of the government. Further, critics wouldargue that the government was involved. The class system does notplace the government into any class, and in this film demonstrates agroup of contractors who work with even the president to make superprofits.

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