Classroom Observation

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Thereis an increase in the number of people who desire to learn theEnglish Language in the U.S. Putting this into consideration,teachers should respond to the students` needs using the bestpractices possible. One of the significant aspects that a teachershould embrace for an effective passing of knowledge to students isthe mastery and application of the SEI strategies in the classroom.Moreover, the teacher should ensure that the students developabilities and capabilities necessary for future success. Each teachershould aim at ensuring that the students achieve and maintain highproficiency levels, literacy, and sophisticated multiculturalcompetency (Hall,2016).In this paper, I describe how I achieved the application of SEIstrategies in the classroom.

Inrespect to the field experience, students had a better understandingof the concept when I spoke slowly and distinctively. By talking at aslow pace, guiding the students to spell and construct sentencescorrectly was easy. I further used gestures which made the studentsconnect words to actions. Additionally, I had an opportunity to usevisual representations in teaching. For instance, when telling astory from a book, I used drawings to create a visual image in thestudents` minds. The encouragement of the students to participate inclass discussions and various activates was also an efficientstrategy towards the achievement of sustainable learning. Throughparticipation, I was able to determine the areas of weakness forspecific students. Consequently, methods devised to help the weakstudents become very reliable if the teacher knows exactly what isrequired (Hall,2016).For instance, reading a story out loud made the correction of wrongpronunciation and articulation very easy.

Also,the students got exposed to new words, phrases, idioms and terms. New vocabularies got introduced, and students participated inpronouncing them. The students were happy to get a chance to read outloud the new vocabularies. It was an achievement for them topronounce the words correctly. Further on, I divided the studentsinto small groups to further discuss what they have learned. Thegroups enable the students to share and get to know each other wellhence a promotion of effective classroom relations (Hall,2016).

Furthermore,I worked on building trust and good relationships with the studentsfrom different cultures as well as among themselves. The studentsachieved this through having a deep interest in the various diversestudents` background. The students were further encouraged toresearch on other cultures and to share information on them. Thisknowledge enabled them to appreciate the differences social andtraditional expectations. I further created a nurturing environmentby acting as their facilitator rather than their instructor. Thestudents felt free to approach me and express their areas ofinterest. Further on, I allowed students to bring their readingmaterials giving them an opportunity to share their stories andthoughts regarding the diverse cultures. Moreover, the teacher taughtthe students how to behave in class. They got educated on how toappreciate and treat each other with respect and patience. It wasmade clear to the students that classroom rules, such as the taskcompletion deadlines, were to be followed strictly. This knowledgemay boost better relationships between the instructor and thestudents since learners are less likely to be punished for theobserved problems (Hall,2016).

Inconclusion, there are a large number of students learning the Englishlanguage. These individuals are from different cultures and bringingthem together is a significant approach. The students get to find outhow to treat each other with respect. They also have mastered the artof appreciating their different cultures. Further, the studentsunderstand well with the use of visual representation. By speakingslowly and distinctively, the students can grasp what the teacher issaying, and they can spell the words. These actions by a teacherfurther act as a facilitator creating a conducive learningenvironment for all.


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