Clostridium Botulinum

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Thisis an informative post on Clostridium botulinum, conveying crucialinformation and a summary of the illness despite the few grammaticalerrors made by the writer such as ‘Botulism effects’. I wouldagree with much of the information, but there are a few importantfacts that were omitted. I would also like to dispute some of theclaims made by the writer. First, the writer mentions that‘Clostridium botulinum causes botulism, a food borne illnessproduces toxins that effect the nervous system (Pommerville, 2014)’.I think it would have been better to mention that botulism causesparalysis instead of mentioning ‘toxins that effectthe nervous system’. This effect is caused by the fact that theneurotoxins prevent proper functioning of neurotransmitters,inhibiting motor control. The writer also mentioned that themicroorganism is a gram-positive spore forming organism. Itwould havemade the description precise by adding that it is a rod-shapedbacterium (Pommerville, 2014). The symptoms may be mild, making thediagnosis difficult. The only claim I would like to dispute is wherethe writer conclusively mentions that ‘botulism effects a personwithin 18 hours and causes blurred vision, slurred speech, andlabored breathing’. First, they should have used ‘affects’instead of ‘effects’, otherwise the context and meaning change.Additionally, the effects of botulism vary from one individual toanother (Pommerville, 2014). Most researchers have proven that thesymptoms of botulism normally appear within 12 to 72 hours after onehas eaten food that is contaminated. Its treatment takes from 1 to 10days, and recovery lasts for as long as months, with some never fullyrecovering. Overall, this post is insightful.


Pommerville,J. C. (2014).&nbspFundamentalsof microbiology: body systems edition.Jones &amp Bartlett Publishers.