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Ialso support the idea that a transformative leader must haveemployees with values like honesty, love, wisdom, bravery, respect,humility, and truth as per Verbos and Humphries (2014). Inperspective, these attributes determine the prowess of anorganization by enhancing goal achievement. However, the selection ofemployees must consider the issue of diversity in order to bringdifferent experiences together. This incorporates the involvement ofwomen in leadership position. I support the idea that women shouldapply diverse methods applicable in their culture to enhance equalityeven in the male-dominated environments. As Brittainy suggests, theyneed to rise up and create their rules on acceptable leadershipqualities. Harold (2011) informs about the cooperation of women inArab societies where their rights are unequal to those of men.However, the use of The Seven Grandfather Teachings alone may not beeffective in the prevailing systems. In addition to the conflicts ofthis approach with other existing strategies as Brittany informs,effective evaluation and intervention practices must also beconsidered. For instance, potential employees may depict thesequalities but must be assessed for competitiveness in educational andexperience performances. This aspect implies that a person may haveall the 7 qualities but fail an interview due to their professionalexperiences. Leaders must be willing to improvise the approachesdepending on the prevailing factors. Lastly, the topics of ethic,humility, and transformative leadership have been addressed by IsabelAllende. The connection between these attributes is crucial inensuring success, diversity, and equality within the society. Theymust work together to offer the best outcomes for the people. In myassessment, I was overwhelmed by her resolute to offer solutions in abroad manner. However, she should recommend implementation approacheswhich may be applied in different platforms of leadership likesecurity, religion, and culture among others.


  1. What do you think Isabel Allende failed to address when presenting her talk?

  2. Which are the other strategies applied together with The Seven Grandfather Teachings to improve transformative leadership?


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