Communication and personality in negotiations

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Communicationand personality in negotiations

Communicationand Personality in Negotiations

Negotiationsare essential in day to day human interactions. One can describenegotiations as dialog involving two or more people with theintention to reach a beneficial result over an issue. The outcome canbe useful to either all or some of the parties involved in anegotiation. The interactions are crucial to solving differences on amatter of common interest. However, due to my recent experience, Inoted that both communication and personality had got a major role inthe outcome of any negotiations.

Owninga decent house had been my priority as soon as I got a well-payingjob. Further, my ever expanding family needed a bigger house as myaging mother was coming to live with me. It became necessary to sellmy current house and buy a bigger one. I decided to contact a localproperty dealer who linked me to a house that was only a few blocksfrom my current residence. The twist of this situation appearedbecause the owner of the house that I intended to buy wanted asmaller house. In this kind of circumstance, the amount of money Ihad did not matter since I learned that I could end up with a largebalance following successful negotiations. At this point, I realizedthe importance of a proper negotiation. My first aim was to convincethe seller to take my house instead of finding another one. Secondly,we had to come up with reasonable prices for both houses. Thirdly, Ihad to convince the seller to deduct the price of my house from thetotal amount that his costs. The arrangement worked greatly to myadvantage as the original price for the bigger house was higher thanI could afford. After days of negotiations and lengthy discussions,we managed to successfully switch homes at a value that was amicableto the two parties. Even though numerous hurdles threatened to sourthe negotiations, proper communication and personality resulted inthe success of the transaction.

Settlingon a deal that is beneficial to all of the parties is sometimesdifficult. Worried about the security issues and the proximity of myproperty to the main road, the other party was unwilling to move tomy place. The issue stood out as the main stumbling block to my dreamof owning a bigger house. Moreover, the seller wanted to makeprogress to a different city where he could start a restaurantbusiness. Citing all these reasons, it needed more that negotiationsto convince him to settle for my deal. Just like any negotiation,every party that is involved has to advocate for their interests evenif these benefits affect the other person. Nonetheless, I am now aproperty owner thanks to negotiations that resulted from propercommunication and a strong personality.

Excellentcommunication skills are the foundation stone of a good negotiationskill (Finne &amp Strandvik, 2012). Based on the outcome of myengagement with the seller, I realized that effective communicationis directly about an effective negotiation. With the exchange ofone’s opinion, thoughts, and ideas, we pinpointed reasons on why weshould consider the transaction as compared to other arrangements. For instance, I presented facts about my neighborhood such asdismissing the stereotype that the place was insecure. Moreover, theidea that he could end up owning a house and remain with a balanceworked to my advantage. I convinced the seller that he could use thebalance to start a business of choice. Appropriate communication isimportant because one will get to know about diverse thoughts andideas. Good negotiators need to have an in-depth understanding oftheir targeted audience besides getting credible information about atransaction (Finne &amp Strandvik, 2012).

Besidescommunication, personality also proved to very essential to thenegotiation. Each person has got a set of differences that includeattitudes, skills, habits, values and social relationship that thesociety uses to judge them (Banerjee 2016). In this negotiation,personality is imperative because it helps people to communicate onequal ground. Due to my logical thoughts, emotions, and behaviors ina cross range of situations the seller got a conviction that I wasthe right person to engage. I was able to push for my agenda withoutbeing aggressive while at the same time remaining comfortablethroughout the whole process.

Mypurchase of the house was affected by other important factors thatwere crucial to the negotiations. First, I explained the benefitsthat will come with the successful transfer of homes. For instance,my house was accommodative to one person just exactly what the otherclient needed. Second, our negotiations were made much easier due tothe conformability of the cost to the parties. I did not have to paythe full price because my house catered for the rest of the cost.Thirdly, on the contrary, the numerous risks such as security issuesfear of swindlers, and the psychological issues of moving to newplaces threatened to sour the negotiations.

Thedream to buy a new accommodative house for the family was madepossible by the willingness of the seller to strike a deal with me.Given this situation, negotiations were needed to modify and changethe result. For example, the agreement to switch homes withcompensation were necessary was inevitable. However, just like anyother business transaction, the cost of the items on trade does havea significant impact on the success of the deal. In this case, theprices had a positive impact because everyone got satisfied with theoffer on the table. We were also able to enjoy a professionalrelationship that relied on the agenda that brought us together.Another factor that may have an impact on the negotiations is theinvolvement of advocates. For example, they can provide the necessaryguidelines that touch on law such as change of ownership of property.

Inconclusion, negotiations are crucial to the success of any businesstransaction. Factors such as effective communication and personalityenhance the nature of consultations. Communication helps toarticulate one another`s ideas eloquently. On the other hand,personality helps negotiators maintain their cool in the negotiationtable. Nevertheless, other factors such as cost, risk, and benefitsare important in any business talk. It is important for individualsto have proper negotiation skills to enhance the chances of successfor any deal.


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