Community Analysis, University of Dayton

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CommunityAnalysis, University of Dayton


DaytonUniversity as a Community


Theways in which individual perceive and contemplate about a communityhas been greatly impacted by the central models of the historicalperiods that we live, the way we think about the behaviors ofindividuals and the social environment in general. The level of humanbehavior is represented by the community with the connection of thesocial or collective world surrounding us. Dayton University as acommunity is made up of individuals, groups, families andorganizations. All these elements have a common shared interest andgoal that they work towards achieving. The community plays manyfunctions which include socialization, social control, production andparticipation in changing the human behaviors to conform to thesocial requirements and expectations of the community at the presentand in the future.

Acommunity is a small or large group of people who share many thingsin common for example norms, religious conviction, values, oridentity. Schriver, in his book, “Human Behavior and the SocialEnvironment: Shifting Paradigms in Essential Knowledge for SocialWork Practice,” defines a community as a complex and multifacetedlevel of human behavior. In his definition, he affirms that therelationship among ourselves, social work and the people with whom wework with are an essential aspects to consider when defining andgiving meaning to the community. The multifaceted perspective allowsboth the inclusion of the traditional and the alternativeperspectives when defining a community[ CITATION Sch11 l 2057 ].It allows the incorporation of human behaviorexplored from different areas. Therefore, the community we live in isinfluenced by the diverse worldviews of human behavior andperceptions. The community acts as a place, a function, a middleground for mediation and a social function to human beings. The essaydiscusses Dayton University as a community and how it has influencedthe behaviors of the people inside the organization and outside theworld.

Descriptionof the University of Dayton

TheUniversity of Dayton is a Catholic research university. It is foundin Ohio City which is the sixth largest city in America. TheUniversity was started by the Society of Mary in the year 1850. It islocated in the southern portion of the city and sits on a landapproximately 388 acres on both sides of the Miami River thus DaytonUniversity is a community as a place. The University of Dayton as acommunity acts as an entity that occupies shared physical space withboundaries. The elements used to view Dayton University as acommunity is a collection of people, for example, individuals,groups, organization, and families, shared interest, and regularinteractions exist. This makes it a community of people since it hasdifferent people from all spheres residing within the confines of theuniversity. Dayton University as a function helps in socializationwhereby it plays the role of transmitting knowledge, values, andbehaviors to members. All people, regardless of their belief inreligion, tradition or faith, learn essential lessons in life such asself-awareness, cooperation, communication, mutual respect,forgiveness, courage, patience, and trust by living with others in acommunity which promotes interaction among the individuals, groups,families, and organizations[ CITATION Sch11 l 2057 ].

Theinteraction among the students gives them identification and a senseof belongingness to the community. Daily interaction has made themembers treat each other with respect creating simplicity andopenness. All members of the community treat each other with respectand speak with openness and simplicity on daily basis of interaction.These daily habits have resulted to an acknowledgment of the dignityand value of every individual of the community creating a ground onwhich genuine friendship blossom[ CITATION Uni17 l 2057 ].

Theuniversity also acts as a middle ground where individuals, groups,and organizations meet from all the four corners of the world with acommon purpose and shared interest of seeking education. It linkspeople and the outside world by preparing them to be useful so as tofit in the next destination. The community of Dayton Universitypromotes regular interactions among students which are aimed atfulfilling the shared interests either through formal or informalorganized means and some degree of mutual identification among thestudents. Dayton University as a community enables the students tocarry out their day to day activities such as learning, playing,worshiping and many others to fulfill their desires and needs. As acommunity of shared institutions and values, Dayton University hasdepartmental units where individuals and groups pursue differentcourses and careers such as sports, spirituality, and technology forthe well-being of the community in general[ CITATION Sch11 l 2057 ].

Thecommunity as a social system is where a community consists of manyfamilies that are served by social norms. These families compriseonly a part of the total community system. It also consists ofinterrelated economic, educational, political leisure and religiousbehavior systems in the institution. Considering the case of DaytonUniversity, it is a social system since it consists of many familiessuch as those participating in education, politics and religiousactivities form one family. Dayton University being one of theCatholic universities emphasizes values of community living andindividual development and education as a practical way in whichChristians struggle to live the Gospel, love God, self, and neighborin daily life. All people learn lessons that are essential such asself-awareness and mutual respect, especially trust and patienceamong all members of the community[ CITATION Bry13 l 2057 ].


Thepresident of Dayton University, Eric F. Spina once said that the mostdifficult challenges facing higher education is the accessibility andaffordability. Dayton University being one of the colleges offeringhigher education has been faced with the same problem denying manypeople opportunity to access education. The tuition fee had beenraised without considering those who are financially unstable. Hightuition fee has also led to increased cost of housing, meals andother expenses. Due to the rising cost of tuition and demand forhigher education as a key job requirement, many students have optedfor loans. The crippling worldwide economy has resulted to aplenty ofaccumulated debts that students are facing problems in paying off.Focusing on the social, economic class, most people are facingchallenges to raise money for their kids on campuses. Therefore, theyopt to acquire loans to further their study. The financial concernfor higher education that was originally abided by the government andtaxpayers has become now the obligation of students and theirfamilies. This financial obligation is not within the capabilities ofall families since there is a shortage of financial scheduling onsome. Also, other expenses other than fee and tuition such as livingexpenses, buying of textbooks, transport and various personalexpenditures are also taken into consideration by the parents(Bryant, 2013).

Also,the Dayton University is facing discrimination of religion betweenChristians and Muslims. Since the University is a Catholic sponsored,Muslims face a lot of challenges. The values and norms ofChristianity do not allow them to lead a comfortable life. They arefinding difficulties in adopting the Christian culture. Also, Daytoncommunity has deprived the individuals some of their rights. Forexample, the lesbians and gays have no room and freedom to practicetheir acts. The norms, values, and culture of Christianity condemnthe acts as evil in the society and do not support them in anymanner[ CITATION Lyt12 l 2057 ].

Solutionsto Problems

Daytonas a community has put more efforts in ensuring that every individualhas equal opportunities in accessing education system by lowering thetuition fee charged. As a Catholic university, they take a moralobligation to do what is right for the students and help them achievetheir goals. Their main goal is to ensure that they create peace ofmind for students and the families by lowering the tuition fee[ CITATION Uni17 l 2057 ].

Daytonas a university has created and promoted a common good among them andbeyond. They have achieved this through recognizing that theirwell-being entirely depends on the well-being of the others,therefore, prompting them to practice solidarity. They do thisthrough working to modify the unjust structures of social dimensionsthat inhibit individuals from accomplishing their fulfillment bybeing present with those who are struggling and challengingbehaviors. Individuals are called upon to develop habits that areessential for living in a community which includes, respectingyourself, respecting others, integrating what one learns with life,being honest and truthful and practicing servant leadership[ CITATION Uni17 l 2057 ].

Also,Dayton University has created forums in the form of symposiums toaddress these challenges among the students. For example, healthsymposiums have been held to generally improve the conditions forlearning and general health. Further, it has started givingscholarship and sponsorship to students to conduct studies from allover the world. These make them comfortable and optimistic inpursuing their dreams in life. For example they have partnered withthe Miami Valley Hospital to host their 8thannual health symposium on March, 25, 2017. The symposium will betitled as, “Building a Healthy Dayton[ CITATION Fil17 l 2057 ].”


DaytonUniversity is a true reflection of what a community is. Theinterdependence and interaction among individuals, groups, familiesand organization have taught much how to live in unity. Individualswithin the Dayton University carry out their duties and seek tofulfill their potentials and goals. As a community, it has promoted agroup culture, social control, enhanced social cohesion and improvedcommunication and interaction patterns. On the other hand it has beenfaced with challenges like high cost of living, race and conflictsdoe to religion. As a community, Dayton University has devisedvarious ways to solve these problems so as it can conform to thenorms, values and culture of a true community. For example it hasreduced tuition fee to give equal opportunities to those who arefinancially stable and unstable. The university also has encourageddebates and symposiums among the students to change the perceptionsand view one another as equal. The university has also expandedthrough opening university colleges in other countries, to reachpeople, educate, inform and impart knowledge to individuals, groups,families and organization in order to live with the expectation ofthe community.


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