Company Review and Interpretation

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CompanyReview and Interpretation

CompanyReview and Interpretation

1.ASML Holding NV (Netherlands)

Oneof the companies examined in this study is the ASML Holding NV. Thecompany has its headquarters in Netherlands, and it manufactureschip-making equipment. The company engages in the development,production, selling, marketing, and customer services for itssemiconducting equipment as we lithography systems. It has involvedin product differentiation as a way to achieve diversity regardingclient needs and attracting huge market share globally. The companymainly supplies its products in the European markets andsignificantly to Korea and other parts of Asia (ASML Annual Report,2014).

ASMLHolding NV has a unique manufacturing environment that enables it toachieve high production of goods and services. It has heavilyinvested in the modern technology as a way of improving itsproduction, employee relationship, quality of products and customerservices. For instance, its TWINSCAN system is equipped with themercury lamp light system, Argon Fluoride and Krypton Fluoride lightsources used in the manufacturing context. In this regard, thecompany uses imaging at a small resolution to achieve optimalbenefits. The company has also invested heavily in the modern ICTsystems, including an illustrative presence on the Internet throughits official website (ASML Annual Report, 2014). It allows it tointeract with clients and other stakeholders across the world withina short duration.

Thesuccess of ASML Holding NV is based on its vision and mission. In itsvision, the company strives to create and enhance the production ofaffordable microelectronics, which are aimed at improving the qualityof life. The concept of affordability and life improvement as statedin their vision is what attracts customers across the world intobuying their products. On the other hand, operations of ASML HoldingNV have been aligned with its mission, which is based on invention,development, manufacturing and service-based technology. In thisinstance, the firm has been able to produce and distributesophisticated lithography, metrology, and software solutions tocorporations and individual clients within the semiconductingindustry (ASML Annual Report, 2014).

Thecompany aspires to continue with the Moore`s Law towards creatingsmaller and cheaper but more powerful and energy efficientsemiconductor products. That way, they will continue to providebetter solutions to the digital world that continues to embraceadvanced technology that uses the ultra-small equipment. Players inthe semiconducting sector and larger electronics industry are seekingfor cheaper and energy efficient components. ASML Holding NV isfocused on supplying equipment and semiconductor components to ICmanufacturers. It provides high-quality, sophisticated metrology,lithography and software solutions, which help its customers tocontinue getting best products and services that surpass therequirements of Moore`s Law regarding cost effectiveness. As amultinational company with presence in more than 16 countries andmore than 70 locations and over 14,000 employees, ASML Holding NV cancater for the needs of existing clients and expand its globalpresence (ASML Annual Report, 2014).

2.Man Group PLC (England)

ManGroup is the largest traded hedge fund corporation throughout theworld. Its central operations are based in London, UK. It started asa brokerage firm in 1783 the company has gradually developed intoone of the best financial solution providers across the world. Thecompany is a financial service based corporation that funds privateinvestors, business organizations and financial institutions acrossthe globe. The company manages approximately $80 billion in term offunds it gives its clients all over the world. With its headquartersat Riverbank House, Landon, the company has more than 1000 employeesin its several locations across the world. Apart from fundingbusinesses, Man Group also offers charitable initiatives tonon-profit organizations within and outside the UK (Annual Report,2015).

Thefirm has continued to broaden its operations to cater to theincreasing needs for funds by individual investors and businessorganizations. For instance, the company has made severalacquisitions in the past few years as one of its primarydiversification strategies. It recently acquired Man Numeric toimprove its quantitative equity management. Also, Man Group has alsomade a significant shift towards institutional clients through itsacquisition of Man Global Private Markets and Aalto among others(Annual Report, 2015). All these have been included as initiativesaimed at creating a diverse business environment that optimizes itsservice provisions to the existing clients and attracting potentialones.

Asan active investment management company, Man Group is focused onproviding pleasant performance and customer services. In order toachieve this in the current business context dominated by ICTplatforms, the company has deployed the latest technology in all itsbusiness units. It has helped Man Group to be among the prominenthedge fund companies not only in London but also across the world.The company provides long-term, alternative, and private marketproducts and services based on single and multi-management platforms.It develops and delivers custom based funds, solutions and servicesby applying the latest technology. It has also produced the bestinfrastructure and natured some of the best experts in hedge fundbusiness management. These aspects have made Man Group be a leadinghedge fund firm in the whole world (Annual Report, 2015).

Thecurrent business context is a bit challenging this is due to theapplication of technology as a way of improving customer services andexperience. Through technology, a company can quickly create productand service differentiation strategy that attracts customers fromdiverse context. The problem is the changing face of technology,which has made many marketplaces in various industries to beunpredictable. To overcome this challenge, Man Group has continuouslyinvested in technology, invention, talents, and research so that itcan be part of the technological evolution in the hedge fund sector.That way, the company has not only been able to deliver the bestresults to its clients, but it has also managed to be the innovatorof the latest solutions in the hedge fund sector (Annual Report,2015). It explains why man Group has been effectively managing morethan $80 billion for an individual and institutional investor whoforms approximately 79% of their clients.

3.Savills UK (England)

SavillsUK is an international real estate service provider. The company is aUK-based traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange market.Savills UK has a global network of more over 700 offices and businessaffiliates across the world. Some of its important locations are inthe UK, other European countries, the Middle East, Asian Pacific,Americas and Africa. The company offers a variety of specialistadvisory services as well as management and transactional services tothe real estate clients throughout the world. It has a strong base ofhuman resources not only in London but also in all of its locationswith practical entrepreneurial spirit and comprehensive understandingof the property management (Savills Studley, 2014). The approach hashelped Savills UK to offer the highest standards of client care.

Inorder to develop a close relationship with the clients, the companymeets and work with both customers and other stakeholders with theobjective of making them understand the business`s services. Becauseof its outstanding performance in the real estate sector, Savills UKreceived the Times Top Graduate Employer for Property Awards in 11consecutive years. The recognition shows that the company offersoutstanding services as leading provider of the real estate advisoryservices not only in the UK but throughout the world. To enhancediversity and capitalize on the opportunities in the property andhousing sector, the company has a strong base of human resources. Itemploys more than 30,000 people it spreads across the over 700locations across the world (Savills Studley, 2014). Their expertadvisory services cover key sectors of real estate such asindustrial, offices, residents, healthcare, hotel property, leisure,retail and mixed development strategies.

Likeother companies, the vision, mission, and strategy of a businessorganization determine success in the industry of operation. In thiscontext, Savills UK aspires to be the first choice advisor in thereal estate development, acquisition, and management. The values ofthe company capture its commitment to the ethical, professional, andresponsible attributes. Through those moral pillars, Savills has beenable to provide advisory services with the essence of real estatesuccess. Regarding its entrepreneurial approach, Savills hascontinued to seek new markets and opportunities for their clientsacross the globe. In this regard, the company has been takingadvantage of its entrepreneurial approaches to delivering valuableinformation (Savills Studley, 2014). Considering the continuousincrease in expansion of real estates in the main towns and citiesglobally, Savills still has a brighter future of expanding itsoperations.


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