Compare and Contrast Christian World View to Buddhism Biblical Worldview

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Compareand Contrast Christian World View to Buddhism Biblical Worldview

Compareand Contrast Christian World View to Buddhism Biblical Worldview

Accordingto the Buddhist doctrines and beliefs, four noble truths dominate theworld and human beings as well. As such the four noble Buddhisttruths are inclusive of the fact that people live in the suffering(dukkha) that is based on a cyclic existence (Yong, 2015). The painthat affects humans is relatively caused by ignorance and negativeattitudes. Finally, the Buddhist worldview entails the capability ofawakening as everyone has the Buddha nature. On the other hand, theChristian view of the world is based on the teachings of the Holybook known as the Bible and Jesus, the son of God. In this case, theBible defines the aspect of love and withdrawal from sin. However,God is forgiving, and anyone is always welcomed to repent andtransform their lives.


Accordingto Christianity, life began in the Garden of Eden where God createdman in his image and likeness. After creating the first man whosename was Adam, God decided to give him a helper (Wallace, 2014). Itwas then that he drew the left side rib from the man and made a womannamed Eve. After that, God allowed them to procreate thus marking theonset of humankind. For the Buddhist beliefs, the beginning of lifeis inconceivable since life is infinite. By this, the Buddhistsbelieve that life has no beginning and neither has it got an end.


TheChristianity doctrines and beliefs are based on the opinion thatbeing human is having the authority over all the things in the world.Besides, Christianity defines man as an intellect with the ability todiscern good from the bad and one with the power to make decisionsand choices. As such, human beings are the most important creaturescompared to animals which are in accordance to Christianity. On theother hand, the Buddhist beliefs on what it means to be human arefounded on the aspect respect and moral values. In this case, beinghuman is all about having the courtesy to execute appropriatedecision and practice noble deeds. As for Buddhism, humans andanimals are equal.


Asfor the Christian values and beliefs, people exist so that they canenhance God`s work in the world. On this note, Christians perceivethemselves as God`s image and as ones that are mandated to ensurethat they improve the will of God in the world (Jones, 2015). Thismeans that people exist to act as God`s representatives. Based on theBuddhism beliefs and doctrines, man lives so that he can help othersand ensure that he spreads the virtues defined by the Buddhistvalues. Technically, the life of a human is based on the enhancementof important attributes.


Accordingto Christianity, one is supposed to live in accordance with the Bibleteachings. As such, one has to refrain from sin at all costs. On theother hand, Buddhism refers to the difference between right and wrongas that of self-realization. As such, one should live in such a waythat they enhance a clean conscience and apply moral values.


ForChristians, they believe that there is life after death. When onedies, he or she will either go to hell or heaven depending on thesins committed or if they repented respectively. On the other hand,Buddhists believe that there is life after death that arises from thedesire that the dead had of doing good. As such, the life after deathis a sign of redemption.


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