Comparing Poems

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Theessay will focus on comparing two poems &quotBy the Sea&quot byWilliam Wordsworth and &quotOn the sea&quot by John Keats. The twopoems are written by well-renowned poets with a good master of thelanguage needed to formulate a comprehensive poem. Wordsworth uses asimple language that can be easily understood while Yeats uses acomplex language that harbor hidden meanings. However, what comes outis an interesting depiction of the sea that leaves the reader amazedat the correctness of the poets. As the thesis statement, the sea isused as a symbolism of refuge and restorer for those suffering orstressed.

Specialfocus will be given to the people and the depiction of a heavenlybeing as characters in the two poems. Wordsworth speaks to a child inthe poem while Keats addresses a group of individuals. Wordsworthexpresses his feelings about the sea trying to compare its innocenceto that of the young girl walking by his side. He notes that thechild is close to the sea with no idea of its depth or beauty. Heexplains to her of how gentle and calm the sea is equating it to aquiet time like nuns who are known to take a vow of purity. Keatsprovides advice to a group of people on the beauty of the sea, itstherapeutic nature that calms and nourishes the soul (Becker,Dilligan, and Bender, 2016).He calls upon those who are worn out to come by the sea and enjoy itsbeauty that will calm them.Thetwo poets describe to their audience, the child and the people thatnature is important for it provides solace and refuge. They statethat many do not know the beauty of the sea, since they have givenpriority to other things.

Thepoets` talk of a heavenly being indicating that they were religiouspeople during their lifetime. Wordsworth speaks of Abraham and Godwhile Keats talks of Hecate who was a goddess in the ancient Greekreligion. Wordsworth talks of Abraham, a man that is looked upon byChristians for his faith and belief in God. He speaks of the childbeing able to be in his presence all year long to show that he isaccepted in God`s eyes. He notes that whether the child knows aboutnature or not, it does not make her less divine. She is a divinebeing that is worthy to be near Abraham, a man in the Bible that isrespected. He uses the words in the sea to signify the nature of Godas gentle, mighty and everlasting. Keats speaks of Hecate to mean theuntamed side of the sea, its wideness, and power to be able todestroy artificial constructs. The Hecate is used to show how the seahas the strength to reach desolate shores that have been abandoned.Thepoets bring to light the characteristics of the sea as vast, powerfuland mighty that can amaze anyone who gets a chance to be near it(Wordsworthand Thompson, 2015).

Thetwo poets talk about the sea in an interesting way that makes them sosimilar. The idea portrayed is that the sea is always overlooked bypeople. It is sometimes neglected and forgotten as people pursuetheir dreams and go about their duties. They draw the conclusion thatif used correctly, the sea can be used to rejuvenate oneself. It is asolace for those going through a rough time, all it takes it to standand view its expansiveness and watch the currents as they swell.

Thepoems though written in ancient times are still relevant to themodern society. They depict the sea as part of nature that humanbeings should be grateful for having. One cannot be able to tell ofits mystery, the wideness of the sea and the swelling of the current.The poets have achieved to draw interest on the sea and appeal topeople to love and appreciate nature.


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