Comparison between My Super Ex-Girlfriend and My Best Friend`s wedding

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Comparisonbetween MySuper Ex-Girlfriendand MyBest Friend’s wedding

Romanticcomedies are films which are considered to have humorous plotlinesand are light hearted. They get centered on romantic ideals betweenthe main characters. They are considered as one of the genres foundin the category of comedy films. The paper will compare and contrasttwo films under this category. It will look at the romantic comedymovies, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and My Best Friend’s wedding.

Themain difference between the romantic comedies films My SuperEx-Girlfriend and My Best Friend’s wedding concerns the plot. Onthe one hand, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a romantic comedy released in2006. It is a story with begins a character named Matthew Saunderswho chases a thief who had stolen Jenny Johnson’s purse. Afterbecoming her hero, they decide to start dating. Upon going to severaldates, Jenny starts displaying some aggressive behavior even whenhaving sex. It is then that Matthew realizes that Jenny has somesuperhuman strength. It is then that Jenny reveals that her powercame as a result of being exposed to radiation from a meteorite.However, Matthew begins to fall in love with her co-worker namedHannah Lewis. When Jenny finds out, she becomes infuriated andembarrasses both of them. Matthew then plots on ways of strippingJenny off her super powers using the same meteorite which has givenher the power. When Jenny confronts Hanna over the meteorite, itbursts to unleash power which both characters absorb becomingsuperhuman. It is then that they begin fighting and become friends inthe end. They thus, fly away together. On the other hand, the My BestFriend’s Wedding is a romantic comedy involving the charactersJulianne Potter and Michael O’Neal who were close friends duringcollege. They had declared their love for one another and had decidedthat if they reached 28 and were not married, they would get married.It is then that when Michael nears 28, he declares his love for KimmyWallace. It is then that Julianne starts a campaign of sabotagingtheir relationship. She succeeds but Michael realizes that his lovefor Kimmy is adamant. In the end, they get back together havingforgiven Julianne for her attempts to break them apart.

Thesimilarity in the two romantic comedy films concerns the basic plotof the movies. It entails two characters that meet and develop aromantic relationship, but deep into the story, there comes a timewhen the two encounter challenges which threaten their relationship.For instance, in the film, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Matthew Saunders,and Jenny Johnson fall in love and develop a relationship, but theirrelationship gets threatened when Matthew’s co-worker, HannahLewis, comes into the picture. On the other hand, in the film, MyBest Friend’s Wedding, the characters Kimmy Wallace and MichaelO’Neal fall in love with one another. However, their relationshipbecomes threatened when Julianne Potter. However, the plot of thisstory is a little bit complex especially when you consider the factthat before Michael met Kimmy he was in love with Julianne. However,the turn of events showed that his affection for Kimmy was strongerthan that he had for Julianne despite her intervention to break themup.

Tosum up, the two films, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and My Best Friend’sWedding get classified as romantic comedy movies. The paper hasprovided the comparisons and differences that exist between these twofilms. The essence of a romantic comedy is two characters that fallin love, but their relationship becomes threatened by externalfactors, which is usually another character. The paper leaves roomfor more information to be provided concerning other romantic comedyfilms.