Comparison between the Tiger and the Lamb

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Comparisonbetween the Tiger and the Lamb

TheTiger and the Lamb are two poems written by William Blake. The onetheme that is evident in both poems is that of religion. The poemsaim to explain the aspect of deity that would bring about varyingviews by different individuals. In such a case, they help to showcasethe attitudes that people normally have regarding a supreme being.Some people normally retain the views that humanity has a duty toplay with reference to honoring God. Some people, however, hold theview that the role of God is to provide for human beings and He,therefore, needs to ensure they receive better treatment. Theymaintain that God had a plan while creating human beings and as aresult, he needs to ensure they are well taken care of, and all theneeds that they may be having are provided with ease. The paper aimsto show how the theme of religion is used in a similar way indissimilar works that comprise two poems The Tiger and The Lamb.

Indescription, The Tiger has a condescending overtone regarding acreature, a tiger. It contains many questions that are aimed atcreating a story, aimed at proving the persona with answers. Thepersona is more concerned with who made the tiger. The question ofwhether the tiger was created in the first place also comes intoplay. Various aspects relate to the poem. One of them is that ofinspiration. It also brings about the element of mystical knowledge,where one wonders how the tiger came into being as well as the veryrole that it plays in life. Most essentially, the poem brings aboutthe very element of God, who is painted as quite mystical and one whothe persona finds quite hard to understand, in spite of the highlevel of knowledge that he has tried to gather about him. The personaalso wonders about the high level of grey areas that lie around thetyger. With such knowledge, people may be in a position to have afull understanding of the creature and, therefore, have better waysthrough which they could interact with it in order to increasechances of having a harmonious interaction.

Thesecond poem of interest, The Lamb, is also a work of Blake, whichshows praise to a lamb. It points towards the element of the humilityof the Lamb that many people would wish to be identified with. Thepersona, however, makes the concept of innocence complicated. Thereason behind the said case is that one cannot easily know whetherinnocence is basically the absence of guilt or whether it issomething that young children normally have and lose when they becomeadults. It also brings about the element of whether innocence can beregained once it has been lost. The element, therefore, sends astrong message of the kind of actions that an individual would needto adhere to in order to appear innocent and increase the chances ofmotivating other people into taking actions that would end up to bedesirable in the end. The case also points towards the fact thatinnocence is quite relative as there lacks a proper way of measuringhow it is bound to be or assessing where it happens to be lacking.

Thetheme of religion surfaces in both poems, in a more similar way. In the poem, The Tiger, it features where the persona states that ‘Whatimmortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?’ It,therefore, does recognize that there must have been a deity who didsome work in order to bring the tyger into life. It, however, paintsthe tyger in bad light. Therefore, it shows that the deity, whilecreating the tyger, did something wrong that would bring about someproblems. The theme of religion is also evident in the poem, The Lambwhere the persona indicated that ‘Little Lamb who made thee. Dostthou know who made thee.’ Both of them, therefore, do recognizethat there is a deity who played a huge part towards the creation ofthe creatures mentioned. The difference, however, lies in the factthat the persona appears to be happy to the fact that the lamb wascreated. He happens to identify with the idea that the lamb holds animportant role in terms of being humble and being lovable. As forthe case of the tyger, Blake aims to wonder what kind of creatorwould bring a tiger on earth. The animal is regarded as quitedestructive and, therefore, highly likely to bring harm upon humanbeings.

Inconclusion, it is evident that both poems do encompass the theme ofreligion. They aim to explain the aspect of deity that would bringabout varying views by different individuals. In such a case, theyhelp to showcase the attitudes that people normally have regarding asupreme being. In spite of some differences that the two poems share,they still remain to be an important tool aimed towards showing thegeneral role that a poem plays in conveying a certain theme.