Completing Field Experience Part 1

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CompletingField Experience


Theskills that are necessary for effectively ending my relationship withmy clients and coworkers include communication skills, listeningskills, and teaching skills. The use of effective communications willhelp to develop positive relationships with clients and coworkers,which can be conducted through various modes including personalvisits, phone, email or instant messaging. Listening skills willallow me to listen actively and thus helps to build openness andtrust as well as providing a better impression that facilitatesending the relationship effectively. Teaching skills will allow me toassist my coworkers and clients in building skills that are importantin their lives (Carnochan,Taylor, Pascual &amp Austin, 2014).

Ihave practiced communication skills by effectively articulating theinformation required to my clients and coworkers. Additionally, Ihave applied listening skills in my work by listening actively to theneeds of my clients and coworkers and providing them with solutionsto their problems as well as soliciting feedbacks. Also, I have usedthe teaching skills to provide clients and coworkers with links toresources that would contribute towards building their essentialskills such as effective parenting skills (Carnochan,Taylor, Pascual &amp Austin, 2014).

Theseskills will help me as a human service profession to effectively endrelationships by facilitating open communication throughout therelationship, by planning the ending through effective communicationby phone or email, by teaching clients of how they can build theneeded skills in their life after the end relationship andunderstanding the personal experiences of clients when ending therelationship (Carnochan,Taylor, Pascual &amp Austin, 2014).


Duringthe fourteenth week at my agency that addresses substance and alcoholabuse intervention, I obtained a lot of experiences that were bothpositive and negative. I obtained professional growth throughengaging in the critical appraisal of my professional skillsregularly that enhanced further development of my skills. I was ableto act on the corrective feedback of the supervisors that contributedto the building of an effective relationship with the authority.Additionally, I was able to improve my personal growth by recognizingthe effects of personal biases on my interactions with clients andthus acted promptly to address the personal problems. However, lackof effective teamwork in the agency affected my ability to obtaingroup membership skills, flexibility, sensitivity and emotionalmaturity.


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