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Thedelivery of diagnosis result on the venereal diseases to a patient isa major problem that most nurses encounter, this is because most ofsuch cases are usually associated to shock, aggression and disbeliefby the patients (Smith, 2013). The reason why many of the patientsfeel awkward when the diagnosis results turn positive is because mostof this diseases are associated to long sufferings, with some beingassociated to death e.g. HIV/AIDS which so far has got no provencure. Nurses therefore find it difficult to deliver the results thevictims due to the negativity about such ailments (Sinatra, 2014).Therefore the purpose of this paper is to construct a concept mapthat will illustrate the relationship between the theoretical concepton the challenges that nurses faces in delivering the diagnosisresult and other factors attributed to the disease.

Accordingto the Newman’s nursing theory on health as expandingconsciousness, it asserts that everyone regardless of their situationis a part of the universal process of expanding consciousness andtherefore should be accorded with the right nursing intervention indelivering such news (Alligood, 2014). In this concept map, there isa relationship in the type of patient’s reaction and other factorswhich depend on the result of the diagnosis (Flint, 2014). A patientwhose test result will turn positive is likely to turn intoaggression, anger, shocked and stress, in such case the nurse shouldtherefore select the right intervention on how to handle the patient.The nurse should also prescribe the right treatment to the patient.

  1. Diagram Indicating Concept Map of Relational Statements Linking the Theoretical Concepts (Vink, et al, 2014)


Identification of the patient’s ailments which requires the nurse intervention

Diagnosis reveals the patients ailment

Result determines the reaction

Patient’s reaction

The patient may react aggressively, shocked, angered, and excited depending on the type of test result

The detected disease determines reaction type

Type of the venereal disease

This is the specific venereal disease that the patient tests positive on

  1. Body weakness


The person who is being tested any kind of infection

Each disease has its prescription

Nursing intervention

The nurse will decide on the type of intervention to be offered to the patient depending on the result of the diagnosis test

Drug issuance depend on response

Medical prescription

The nurse will prescribe the right kind of treatment to the patient depending on the state of the patient’s illness


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