Conflict Theory and Immigration in America

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ConflictTheory and Immigration in America


Immigrationis a significant issue affecting the American population. It hascaused obvious conflict within the populace, fighting for resourcessuch as social amenities, employment and much more. The governmenthas created policies that guarantee no hostility and ensure equaldistribution of its resources to serve both natives and immigrants.It is important to reason that the subject of immigration isdiscussed in different quarters with much passion as it affects thelivelihoods of the natives, integrating the immigrant population. Again, it is rewarding to include the position of the government infocusing on her immigrants (Rubenstein, 2016). Theconflict in immigration has affected the assimilation of the Asiancommunities into the American society.

TheAsian communities in Carmel and Fishers equally require enjoying therights that are afforded to human beings. The immigrants are grantedthe status of a citizen in the country after passing givenqualifications. Therefore, it is only prudent to involve them in thedevelopment programs of the state, depending on the level of workskill. Also, it is essential to subject them to recreationalactivities without invoking fear of prejudice.

Carmeland Fishers are fast developing towns in the Indianapolis County.Therefore, it can attract immigrants who want to record theircontribution to their personal growth and that of the cities. It isvital to organize programs for the Asian community to feel acceptedand appreciate their influence on the towns’ growth. The sure wayof providing acceptance is to engage the population in sports andrelated activities.

Asa recreation director, I would organize sporting contests between theAsian community and the natives to improve their social interactions.It would involve sports that are appreciated by the Asiancommunities. Furthermore, to ensure there is increased understandingbetween the two factions, I would plan for cultural displays,inviting every member of the town to attend and showcase the richnessin their cultural background. Also, music competitions and artisticdisplays would form part of my strategy to integrate the Asiancommunity into the town. Moreover, it is important to document thatas a director, I would influence the construction of a culture centerwhere all communities would meet to exchange pleasantries throughinvolving every community in exchange programs. I would createeducational forums for the Asian community to teach their culture tothe rest of the people. Additionally, I would propose the teaching oflanguages as part of activities in the Cultural center.


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