Connie`s Story

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Connie’s Lookat Home and Away

Connie’s looks when at home and away expose her varyingattitudes. At home, Connie looks sad and unhappy. She was sodisappointed by her mother who kept scolding and comparing her toJane. Her mother was complaining that Connie is untidy and she is notable to clean her house like Jane. Jane would keep her room clean,fix and spray her hair. The rebukes pissed Connie and at one timewished to have her mother dead. Contrary, away from home, Connie isportrayed as a social and jovial girl. She likes interacting withfriends and adventuring. They visit a shopping plaza with her friendswhere they would walk through the stores and then to a movie. In theplaza, they laugh and make fun when amused or interested by people.

The Significanceof Arnold’s First Words

Arnold Friend’s first words to Connie were “gonna get you, baby”(Dates 2). The significance of these words foretells what wouldhappen to Connie. Arnold Friend would be looking for her. The wordscreate suspense to the reader, if the man would get Connie andwhether he meant to love her. Later we see Arnold Friend approachingConnie`s house, and he forces her to the nearby vehicle. Arnold andhis friend insisted they would not leave her, and Connie was helplessand she obeyed.

Significance ofArnold Friend’s Name

Arnold Friend’s name was unique and signified his intention oftheir relationship with Connie. He wanted them be friends, and thenthey would drive and hung out together. Although Connie was resistantto that form of friendship, she was forced to accept the engagement.Arnold Friend was eighteen years old, which Connie doubted. He had astrange appearance with lines at the corner of his mouth when hegrinned, he had big white teeth, grinned so broadly and had slit eyeswith thick and black lashes. In addition, his hair was shaggy, shabbyand black, which appeared like a wig.

Symbolism ofArnold Friend

Arnold Friend symbolizes the rough and merciless nature. Connie hadfailed to listen to her mother and out of her hatred, she failed tofollow Arnold to the barbecue. They threatened capturing Connie,without considering the agony they were causing in the family.

Arnold Friend’sCar

Arnold Friend`s car was an open jalopy, and it was painted brightgold. The car signified simple gifts used to lure girls. Connie wasbeing enticed by being promised to have a ride in that vehicle. Ifshe gave in, she would be kidnapped or either involved in heinousacts which would ruin her life. The men wore sunlight glasses to hidetheir identity and hence they had ill intentions towards Connie. Theyused the car to convince Connie and suggest that they were in a rush.The stories say that they tapped four horns at the side door whichshows that they were ready and had well planned how to trap Connie.


In the first part of the story, we are introduced to Connie who likeglancing to mirrors and observing other people`s faces to ensure sheis pretty. She would look at her mother, and she would see a shadowyvision of herself. She understood that her mother resembled her pastpictures. The vision symbolized that the youthful age ends and whatremains is your personality. Hence, Connie had to make a good use ofher youth and take care of her prettiness since one day it willdisappear. We also learn that appearances can be deceptive and onehas to be cautious when interacting with unfamiliar individuals.

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