Convergent and Divergent Evolution

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Convergentand Divergent Evolution

Convergentand Divergent Evolution

Evolutionis a process where a population undergoes through changes in theirfeatures and characteristics over a period. The generations of theseliving organisms then adopts the changes. The modifications areessential as they assist organisms to adapt to a given nicher.According to Charles Darwin, some of these changes may have createdvariations or similarities among the living organisms (Venugopal,2016). Evolution is a slow and a gradual process thus, it could takeseveral years or centuries. Convergent and divergent developmentsexplain the existence of particular features among the living things

Thesisstatement.Convergent and divergent evolutions are adaptation tactics that aidsanimals to develop distinct features, which help them to fit in a newenvironment that presents fresh challenges.

Convergentevolution is a process where different groups of organisms living inhabitats with similar environmental conditions, acquire the samecharacteristics for adaptation purposes. These creatures may or maynot share a common ancestor (Venugopal, 2016). Different species fromdistinct ancestral lineage evolve and acquire same traits to enablethem to survive, move around or find food (Venugopal, 2016). Thistype of natural selection does not result in the arising of a newspecies. An example of this type of natural selection is theadaptation of wings among insects and birds. Birds and insects belongto different lineages. However, the two classes of living organismsdeveloped wings that aids them to fly.

Divergentis another form of natural transformation that differs entirely fromconvergent evolution. This type of innate selection is a processwhere living things that once belonged to the same species, developdistinct characteristics over time, and end up being in two separatecategories (Venugopal, 2016). Even though the creatures have unliketraits, they have some similarities that suggest they once had acommon lineage (Venugopal, 2016). These organisms may have once livedin the same region. However, when one set migrated to a new place, itacquired new features so as to survive in their new niche. An exampleof divergent evolution is equating the hands of human beings to thewings of a bird.

Conclusively,evolution is a natural occurrence that makes living things to developunique adaptations intended to help them fit into their immediatesetting. In some cases, animals develop characteristics that eithermakes them similar or different to other organisms in the samespecies. Convergent evolution results in the formation of comparabletraits among animals from diverse ancestral lines. In contrast,divergent growth involves the development of dissimilar adaptationson animals from the same heritage but living in separate niches


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