Correcting Faulty Parallelism

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Fix each of the following sentences. All of them have parallelstructure errors. You can simply cross out the words you want tochange and write the correct words above the error.

  1. Sue bought pink flamingos, ceramic gnomes, and then she added a mermaid to her cart.

  2. Dave felt the movie was boring, silly, and was too long.

  3. She said that there are were trains leaving the station in the morning and at noon.

  4. The minister said that it was both a long ceremony and very tedious ceremony was both long and tedious.

  5. My concerns are, first, the injustice of the measure that the measure is unjust second, that it is unconstitutional.

  6. It`s harder to do doing long division than dividing with a calculator.

  7. Bruce Wayne enjoys donning his Batman costume, answer answering the Commissioner`s phone calls, and saves saving Gotham City from cruel villains like the Penguin.

Mistakes in each passage: 5. Identifythe parallel structure mistakes ONLY! Correct inthe space above the line. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE.

  1. Human beings attempt to protect themselves psychologically as well as in physical ways physically. If someone harms you physically, you may want to fight back. To guard yourself psychologically, you may use defense mechanisms. You may be unaware of the real cause of your behavior in adjusting to a situation that is undesirable or a threat.

Three common defense mechanisms are regression, rationalization, andtrying to compensate compensation.A person who regresses temporarily rejects the &quothard cruelworld&quot and is seeking seeksthe greater sensitivity of childhood. Rationalization is excusemaking. For example: a student not wanting to study for a testdecides that she doesn`t theydon’t know what to study. Compensation is a form ofsubstitution. If a woman wants a better education but cannot attendschool, she may try studying on her own or tolearn more through experience.

  1. In shopping for a good used car, be cautious and have suspicion. Remember that the previous owner had some reason for getting rid of the car it. The reason may have been that he they wanted to buy a new car or the avoidance of avoid costly repairs. A car that appears to have a &quotdirt-cheap&quot price may turn out to have &quotsky-high&quot costs. Remember, too, that the older a car is, the chance is better the better the chance that it will soon require major repairs. If you buy an older car, be sure that repair parts and service facilities are available in your area.

Try to pick a used car with the lowest mileage on the odometer, thebest overall condition, and that the dealer guarantees for thelongest time. There are several ways to protect yourself from afalsified odometer. You should ask for a mileage disclosurestatement, examine closely the condition of the vehicle, and tocontact the prior owner.

  1. Almost everyone suffers from headaches occasionally. Some people say they have a headache if they feel tense, lightheaded, or have dizziness dizzy. Most often, however, people associate headache with pain. The pain may last for minutes, hours, or days.

Doctors believe that a headache is a symptom. It tells you thatsomething is wrong in your body. You feel the pain, but others seethe signs. People suffering from migraines, for example, may lookpale, greenish-colored, or have a sick look sickly.

Headaches interfere with an employee`s job, cause bad feelingsbetween friends, and family life is hurt. Employees with headachesare less productive. Quick tempers may upset fellow workers or annoycustomers. The man or woman personwith migraines may irritate a spouse, frighten the children, or thedisturbance of disturbneighbors.

Repeated headaches are not something to hide with aspirin. If theycontinue, check them out. On the other hand, simple headaches may berelieved by lying down for a while, breathing fresh air, or themassage of massaging the neckmuscles.