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Unravelingthe Real Story of the Green River Killer (Gary Ridgeway)

Thispaper establishes a Rogerian essay regarding one of America’s mostknown criminals, a psycho-serial killer. Gary Leon Ridgway was bornby Mary Steinman in Salt Lake City on February 18th, 1949. He isresponsible for the most prevalent killing spree in the history ofthe United States committed by a serial killer. To understand thecase of the criminal under question (Ridgway), one needs tounderstandsome general facts about serial killers. The nature of the crimescommitted is very heinous in nature. A good number of serial killershave fantasies that fuse together sexuality and violence (King 25).The resultant effect is that they can hardly have one and miss theother. Studies show that serial killers are likely to be victims ofsome significant biological, neurological, psychological, or evensociological forces that had negative impacts on their lives.Nevertheless, none of these forceshas been shown to be the actual cause of serial murders or killings.Still, scholars believe that a combination of the forcesin addition to physiological and environmental elements isresponsible for the serialkilling.In the case of Ridgway, his earlier life experiences pose as thecause for his heinouscriminal behavior.

Asan adolescent, Ridgway had a problem of wetting his bed. His motheroften ridiculed and embarrassed him for the behavior in front ofother people. She also often abused, harassed, and mistreated him inmany other ways that made the young boy to have hatred, rage, andrebellion in his heart. One cannot decline to note that such asituation made Ridgway developa need for revenge (Murray 6). The child must have thought of ways ofgetting back and hurting the mother, even though there is no recordfor such incidences. From another perspective, he must have developeda negative perspectiveagainst women, disliking them and relating inappropriately with them.It iswell understoodthat the criminal was married thrice and divorced thrice before hewasarrestedin 2001.

Onecould also say that Ridgway pondered about ways he would cause thegreatest harm to his mother, perchance via both physical and sexualtorments. Since he did not manage to do so, he decided to take it outonother women whom he might have thought of as being of sociallyincorrect behavior. Records also show that the I.Q of Ridgway wasvery low-82 such also showsthat hewas not being offered any meaningful help at home regarding mattersof education (Vronsky 27).

Ashe served in the military, Ridgway was known to have tendencies ofestablishing interactions with prostitutes. Ridgway washonorably dischargedfrom the Navy,a job he reallyliked since it wasdiscoveredthat he had contracted gonorrhea, owing to interactions withprostitutes. The former serviceman observed the drastic and negativeturn of events that ruined his life as a fault of the prostitutes. Even so, he still continued to have unprotected sex with prostitutes,indicating that the man had some obsession with prostitutes.

TheKilling spree by the criminal started in 1982 the victims mainlyincluded prostitutes and runaways. The titleof theGreen River Killerwas given to Ridgway by the media since his first victims werefoundon the banks of Seattle’s Green River. Soon after, the police wouldfind bodies of other victims dumped in places like highways, parks,and playgrounds.A keen look atthe case leaves one wondering if Ridgway was under a situation ofconflict of interests. It is interesting to note that the criminalwas a friendly and religious man in an outward manner. He was seenreading the Bible and going to church he even encouraged otherpeople to follow the path of the Christian religion. For this reason,one is left to wonder if the criminal thought he had was doing anygood in society, by endeavoringto kill prostitutes. According to the official judicial records,Ridgway murdered a total of forty-nine women. If unconfirmed deathsareconsidered,the total figure is thought to be somewhere above the seventy mark.On November 5, 2003, the criminal pleaded guilty to the murders (TheStateof Washingtonvs. Gary Leon Ridgway n. p).

Inconclusion, this paper maintains the earlier life experiences ofRidgway as not only indicatorsbut also causes for his serialkilling actions in later times. His home environment was a violentone, and as a young boy, he showed characteristics that associatewith a serial killer. Ridgway once stabbed a fellow boy forenjoyment he killed animals,and engaged in the criminal act of arson. The young boy also oncepaid a girl to allow him to assault her sexually and stalked hisclassmates from time to time. To date, Ridgway isobservedas the most significant psycho-serial killer in the history of theUnited States. Even so, a look athis situation shows that he was a product of mistreatment,humiliation, and harassment by his mother during earlier times in hislife.

Acommonsolution to the problem of criminal behavior discussed in this paperlies in establishment and maintenance of good family values. In asocietal setting, and as demonstrated herein, people often commitsome crimes as a result of their experiences of interactions and withothers. Correctional facilities also ought to have programs that aimto treat personsthat face some psychological challenges. Itis also imperative to know that there is aneedfor community-based facilitiesthat guide and direct social aspects of families.


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