Cover Letter and Resume

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Mrs.Sarah Thorne


TheLoden Hotel

1177Melville Street

Vancouver,BC V6E 0A3


DearMrs. Thorne

In reference to the advertised position, I would like to apply forthe Front Desk Hotel Agent position at your institution. I came toknow of the job offer through the on March 10th,2017. Upon a careful perusal of the job requirements, they closelymatched my background and work experience. It has always been mydream and wishes to join an active Front Desk Team, especially in thehotel industry. Since I developed an interest in customer service inthe hospitality field, I have been a keen follower of The LodenHotel. Moreover, I possess a substantial warm presence, friendly, andsincere nature. I suppose that the attributes are vital to success inyour organization.

Taking into consideration my rich customer service experience both inthe classroom and outside environment, I believe that I’m thecandidate you are looking for in The Loden Hotel. I possess a genuinedesire to serve the guests from diverse backgrounds, work efficientlyin a team environment, and remain goal-oriented. I consider thehospitality industry a fast paced field industry which relies oncustomer service experience. It is my wish to serve in a place thatmandates the ability to prioritize in its every aspect. The passion Ihave for service industry is immeasurable. I’m confident that Ihave made good preparations that align with the requirements of thejob at your organization.

During my high school years, I had a long and short internship at ourlocal restaurant depending on the duration of my holiday. I wasresponsible for welcoming the customers in a professional manner,cashier activities, and confirming various reservations. Moreover, Ioften was tasked with answering phone calls because most of theservice involved food delivery around and outside the schoolenvironment. The internship experience was vital in my customerservice experience. It required dedication, strong interpersonalskills, the ability to think independently, the capacity to workflexible hours, knowledge of surrounding areas and proper telephoneetiquette. Additionally, the business operations needed effectiveproblem solving, communication, and decision-making skills. Duringthe internship period, I had the opportunity to serve more than 50clients each day. This improved my customer service experience andcommunication abilities.

With the rich and elaborated experience, I believe that I will be anexceptional asset to your award-winning customer service team. I lookforward to having further discussions of my qualification in detail.My contact information is attached in the Curriculum Vitae. Thank youfor your time and consideration.






  • My passion for the hospitality industry is adamant since excellence in customer service gives me a sense of accomplishment in life.

  • I have two years customer service experience through short and long-term internship opportunities at the local restaurant.

  • Good judgment, problem-solving and communication skills demonstrated by dedication to providing an excellent customer service experience to the diverse client base.

  • I’m flexible in the work environment. Ability to work during evenings, holidays, weekends in various fields of customer service.


Highschool – VPC

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management – 2016


CustomerService Representative, 2013-2016.


  • Welcoming clients in a professional manner.

  • Confirming reservations.

  • Cashier activities.

  • Answering phone calls and confirming client’s orders.

  • Visiting surrounding areas and local events delivering food previously ordered.


Secretaryof Hospitality Club

  • I was responsible for writing the minutes after every club meeting.

  • Organized motivational meetings in the school with my team.

  • Opened a hospitality website where information regarding job positions, events and meetings were posted.