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Createthe Perfect Organization



SoftaInc is a multinational organization that deals with the manufactureand distribution of soft drinks. It is based in California and hasover 100 outlets across the world. Softa Company has been in themarket for over four years and has made remarkable progress inrevenue. It has a unique production, marketing, and promotionstrategies that have earned it a broad range of customers around theglobe.


Theprimary function of Softa Inc is to manufacture and distribute softdrinks to retail outlets. The primary cause of its operations is toprovide customers with a refreshing and a cool soft drink that meetsthe needs of all people.

Productsand Services

SoftaInc has majored in soft drinks. The company sells soft drinks tolarge restaurants and grocery stores at a wholesale price as astrategy to increase its customer base. The company is yet to delveinto other products or services.

Numberof Employees

Thecompany is composed of 5,000 employees in all outlets across theworld. Since diversity is an essential aspect of the organizationalculture, there are 49 percent women and 51 percent men employees.Softa’s employees come from all over the world from differentsociocultural backgrounds.


Thecompany comprises of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the topmanagement executives, middle-level managers, the lower-levelmanagers, and the junior staff. The hierarchy is important since itrepresents a flow of command[ CITATION Bar12 l 1033 ].


Thecompany carries out employees’ performance appraisals twice a yearto determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.Performance appraisals are undertaken by all employees, from juniorstaff to the executive.

HumanResource Investment

Thecompany has invested profoundly in human resource and carries out athorough selection and recruitment practice to identify the top notchskills. Employees, from all walks of life, are provided with a fairopportunity to compete for positions in the company.

HowEmployees Work

Thereare different departments in the organization that deals with variousoperations and practices. For instance, the company has departmentssuch as finance, quality control, production, sales and marketing,and distribution, among others. As such, employees work in groups inorder to achieve common departmental goals and objectives.

Employees’Involvement in Decision-Making

Theinvolvement of workers in the decision-making process of a companyhas a positive impact on the performance[ CITATION Ker15 l 1033 ].Softa Company management team seeks opinion and point of views fromthe rest of the workforce before implementing a policy. Theinvolvementof employees in such a fundamental process ensures that they feelcherished as part of the organization.


Thecompany has put in place various incentives for employees in order toimprove work commitment and productivity[ CITATION Gra141 l 1033 ].The company has implemented a bonus policy for the highest performingdepartment. As a result, every department must work hard and pulleach other to emerge the best.


Thereare numerous advantages of initiating such programs in the company.For instance, employees feel satisfied and as a result, increasetheir commitment and zeal towards achieving the firm’s goal.Moreover, motivated employees are more efficient and contributetowards the overall performance.


Theorganization has a strict policy that ensures adherence toorganizational culture. The company tries to tap the best expertiseand qualification from individuals of different social backgrounds.Diversity and inclusion are primary core values in the company. Theselection of employees is a process that has various psychologicaltests to determine the best. Additionally, the company has learningand developmental programs for its employees to ensure that theyenhance their skills.


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