Creating a Justice Plan

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Creatinga Justice Plan

Creatinga Justice Plan


Guncontrol has been an ongoing debate where both sides make argumentsdepending on their beliefs and need for safety. However, no one seemsto be winning the dispute hence, the people need to be convinced onhow to limit gun violence in the country. The social structure anddifferential association theories explain the reasons behind gunviolence. Evidence shows that people from poor communities own gunsin high number for security purposes. Likewise, a person learnsbehavior from others thus, associating with delinquents gun ownersincreases the rates of violence. Hence, the most appropriatestrategies to decrease gun-related homicides is tighteningrestrictions and reducing the supply of illegal firearm sales.

Thefirst step I would use to create justice is attending communityevents and serving on students’ campus committees. The approachwill deal with the gun violence rooted in the society by includingthe community members in the justice initiative. According to thetheories, if people maintain peaceful communities with no gun-relatedhomicides, it is possible to lower violence in the country. However,the gun owners use the Second Amendment to prove that it is theirconstitution right to carry guns. Therefore, attending the communityevents will offer a chance to educate the people on the reductionstrategies and convince them how these approaches can work even whenothers have failed in the past. Normally, community events offermembers a chance to articulate their views and discuss the issuesthat affect their daily lives. For example, these occasions are aplatform for the people to discuss the best ways to deal withviolence and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

Thenagain, students make up a significant portion of the society, but dueto their busy schedules, they may be unable to attend communityevents. Thus, serving on campus committees will be a suitableplatform to promote justice and reduce violence in the society. Someof the mass shootings in the past have been carried out by youngadults. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these individualsare included in the plan to promote justice. Besides, the studentsare a good instrument to spread the news in the society and possiblyinfluence their peers who do not attend school.

Atthe gatherings, I will advocate for peace by explaining to the peoplehow they can lower gun violence in their communities. Nonetheless,some of them may be skeptical about the strategies because they haveseen other similar plans initiated in the past yet they did not yieldpositive results. Consequently, it will require persuasion for thepeople to embrace the changes that will be vital in reducing gunviolence in the country. I will explain how the interactions in thecommunity affect the likelihood of gun violence. Additionally, I willuse statistics to convince the people how the strategies can bestwork to lessen the rate of homicides in their communities. The youngadults will also need a lesson on gun safety to avoid accidents.

Inconclusion, community events are the best places to reach as manypeople as possible. Likewise, the campus committee will serve as aplatform to persuade the young adults to promote justice in thesociety.People may have a right to own guns according to the constitution,but it is the government’s responsibility to guarantee that theseweapons do not increase the murder rates in the country. However,during the community events and campus committees, it is important toensure that the meetings do not turn into a political issue becauseit results in arguments that may hinder positive progress. Therefore,the activism efforts will be neutral on political matters.


Intoday’s society, people seem to be divided depending on their viewson gun violence, which has turned into a political argument,especially during an election. One would assume that the high numberof homicides and mass shootings are enough to convince the peoplethat gun control is necessary to reduce the high rate of violence inthe country. Nevertheless, pro-gun advocates use the Constitution toshow that they have a right to own guns. Besides, incidents of massshootings have only persuaded more people to own guns to protectthemselves amidst rising insecurity. The United States can use thesame measures like those in Saudi Arabia to reduce gun violence.

Unlikethe United States, Saudi Arabia has stringent rules that govern gunownership and use. The Saudi Arabian government ensures that anyfirearm and ammunition buyers go through rigorous background andmedical checks to make sure that they meet the requirements. Suchprecautions can reduce the national gun death rate by a half becausemost of the mass shootings have been carried out by mentally illindividuals or criminals. Consequently, it is reasonable and logicaloption for the United States to control and prevent gun violence byendorsing laws and regulations that would necessitate the issuance ofgun permits and certificates.

Moreover,owning or repairing an unlicensed firearm attracts a hefty fine orlengthy a jail term, which discourages the people from illegal gunsmuggling and sale. Even as the United States intends to promotefreedom and individual rights, the safety of the citizens should notbe forfeited for political games. Additionally,the Saudi Arabian gun manufacturers are required to use firearmidentification to store images of unique markings that a gun makes onthe bullets fired. Thus, the cartridges can be used to trace theweapon back to the owner.

Lastly,the pro-gun advocates may argue that people will still commithomicide even when the government puts in place stringent measures toregulate ownership. However, guns facilitate mass murders becausethey are efficient in killing a large number of victims. Therefore,the United States can use the successful experience of Saudi Arabiathat has maintained a relative public security by regulating gunownership.