Creating a Visual Argument

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Creatinga Visual Argument

Creatinga Visual Argument


Diversityin the workplace begins during the hiring period. Organization oughtto have in place policies and practices that attract and hireconsider people from all walks of life.


Integrationleads to cohesiveness among a group. In this case, the team will berespectful, considerate and trusting to achieve organizationalsuccess.


Whenan employee pulls towards oneself, there is tension and this givesway stress tears and break up.


Cracksinside organizations that are exclusive as opposed to inclusive growwide with time.


Theemployees in a diverse workplace are productive as harmoniouscoexistence comes by way of showing respect to each other (Acas,2016). Such a workplace is like a solid wall that withstands the testof time and workplace challenges.


Thebarriers to diversity including isolation and a lack of cohesion leadto unexplained assumptions and stereotyping. A member of the teamwill feel neglected by the group leading to mistrust and tension.Prejudice and racism can damage reputation of an organization. Theworkplace will fall to pieces.


Diversitymakes teams too strong for daily challenges and such organizationsare solid and stable

Workplacesthat embrace equality are more productive since employees enjoy thevaried perspectives brought on board.


Ifa firm lacks diversity plan, things will be in disarray and it willfall apart.


Customersmay shun an organization that ignores the minorities (Acas, 2016).The outcome is unproductiveness since ineffective communication and alack of cohesion leads to low morale, confusion, and poorcoordination of work among teams. Communicating with customers fromminority groups may also be a problem.


Eliminatingprejudice and becoming sensitive to the needs of those with differentcultural practices make teams cohesive and enhances performance. Suchworkplace has proactive members who go out of the way to mind andappreciate the minority groups in the workplace


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