Critical Analysis and Research Relevance of Literary Criticism

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CriticalAnalysis and Research: Relevance of Literary Criticism

Fromthe works of Stuart 2009, they defined literary criticism as the actand process of critically evaluating and analyzing differentliterature pieces to identify what’s good and what’s wanting init. Recommendations are made on how the piece of literature couldhave been better or what strengths it portrayed well. Literarycriticism can be of three forms which include contemporary, Twentiethcentury and 19thcentury criticism. All in all, literary review will help strengthenone’s interpretation of a topic or subject. In this particularreview, we will look at the article titled “TwoMothers Remembered” composed by Joann Snow Duncanson. Itis evident that criticism will expound the thinking of the reader andassert understanding for own interpretation.


Inthis particular poem, the author uses a straight forward narrativevoice in which she explains to the audience of the two types ofmothers she has. In identifying the narrative voice, we get tounderstand whose experience the story is told about. For instance,the point of view of this poem’s author is first person meaningthat it is her own experience she is talking about. The reader isable to see her life through the narration. Literature materials arewritten in different times and therefore, needs better and keenanalysis of time period.

Useof irony in short stories

Besidesmaking the stories more enjoyable and fun to read or narrate, ironyand other similar elements will trigger the reader’s imaginationtowards the action or subject being discussed. Irony can beclassified as either situational, verbal or dramatic irony. The mainpurpose of irony is to make the reader more engaged in literary work.For example, Joann snow says, “gavebirth and nurtured and launch my career.” This is just a figure ofspeech which just makes the narration of the poem better to mean thather mother was there to give her direction in the career to pursue.Another part of the poem says,” She gave her love, which follows meyet.” The author of the poem wanted to show us how her mother’slove was felt every day of their lives.

Historical,cultural and literary context of the literature works

Understandingthe context under which the story or the literary work was done willhelp the audience understand the meaning of the work better. Forexample the twenty first century times are completely different fromthe pre-colonial era. The contexts are very different and authorswould talk about different things in their literary works. Peoplehave different cultures and they practice different customs. Thatmeans that they will have different vocabulary in their literaryworks. There are emerging issues in this era as compared to oldenday’s era which means that the reader must be careful to understandthe context well.


Literarycriticism is very relevant especially to students as it helps them bemore aware of what the environment has to offer. This is because theyneed the common knowledge of how things are done or exist at thatparticular moment of the literature composure in order to know thegood and bad side of the literary work. Being able to understand thetrue context of the literary materials will help a reader relate moreto the right things as suggested in the material. It will help themhave a better understanding of the message. Therefore, it is ofutmost importance to continue pay attention to the above discussedelements of the literary materials.


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