Critical Thinking Paper

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CriticalThinking Paper

The book “Who really speaks for justice?: Raising ourvoices in the noise of hegemonic education” by Joan Wynne(2015) consists of several narratives that explore the battles to befree citizens, learners, and teachers. It investigates the academicworld and the lives of families in the hegemonic society, as well asthe oppressive public policies. This essay discusses more on “TheSpirit of Agency” part.

According to Wynne (2015), revolution is essential in the power ofteaching. Virtually, all teachers release incredible power wheneverthey have the proper exposure. There are several assumptions andpresumptions in the book particularly on the urban children and theirschools. Wynne (2015) argues that the field of urban education shouldfight for the liberation and transformation for the teachers,students, society, and the entire planet. As a result, educationistsstruggle against bad policies in education. They come up withmovements to secure students rights, as well as advocate for qualityeducation. They have changed their curriculum, pedagogy, leadershipstyles, textbooks, and management system.

The authors are against racism, power, and privilege, which pull downthe education. They are also against structures that damage human,public schools protocols and processes, and the monolithic systems.Their stake, as well as mine, is that children deserve to get aquality education. Therefore, it is our responsibility to transformthe academic and constituent communities. We should not only listento people with national reputations in the justice circle but also tothe friends and youth in the deprived communities.

The authors are constructing and articulating their argument bygiving examples. These texts fit in relation to my thoughts andpractice because I also believe in justice. No matter the economicstatus of a person, we are all human and equal. After reading thesechapters, I asked myself several questions. For instance, will thereever be equality between the poor and the rich?


Wynne, J. T. (2015). Who really speaks for justice?: Raising ourvoices in the noise of hegemonic education. Place of publicationnot identified: Kendall Hunt.