Critique of Non-web Based Stress Reduction Techniques

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Critiqueof Non-web Based Stress Reduction Techniques

Breathing:The relaxation and stress reduction workbook

Theauthors of the book are Davis,M., Eshelman, E. R., &amp McKay, M., it was published by NewHarbinger Publications and the cost of purchase is $1.99.


Thepurpose of the book is to provide solutions to people dealing withstress on how to manage it and bring it down. It also aims atproviding ways of calming down the body in a busy life. Ways ofidentifying what triggers stress in different people are providedtogether with the best techniques that can be applied to deal withthe pressure and follow routines that lead to a peaceful life.


Thebook has very important information suggested by a team of apsychologist, clinical therapist and a social worker. The book givessome of the methods and procedures that can be used to reduce stresslevels. The techniques covered include procedures for relaxation,proper nutrition, management of time as well as health information.It provides a variety of mechanisms for coping with stress rangingfrom training on certain skills to developing routines aimed atmodifying behavior (Davis, 2012).


Avariety of techniques are suggested to deal with the same symptom,therefore people have the option of using a technique that best suitsthem. It is appropriate for people of all ages as it has very basicexercises that can be easily followed through. It helps people tounderstand their own personal context through its interactivefeatures. A guide on how to apply the methods is outlined step bystep making them easy to follow.


Techniquessuggested are from a team of experts in various fields and thus, theresult is likely to be beneficial and wholesome. Latest research hasbeen employed to update its content while still focusing on drawingfrom methods of treatment that have been tried and tested.


Davis,M., Eshelman, E. R., &amp McKay, M. (2012). Breathing:The relaxation and stress reduction workbook chapter singles.Oakland: New Harbinger Publications.