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Culturalcontent refers to the regulations that provide a guideline on how themembers of the society are supposed to conduct themselves in thevarious social situation (YungHwan,2016). This paper provides an analysis of cultural content throughthe use of a chart that incorporates threehigh impact elements namely health and hygiene, religion as well asfamily structure.



Impact Elements

Health And Hygiene


Family Structures

How are illnesses treated and by whom?

Illness is treated through diagnosis of the patient by a medical practitioner

What is considered to be the cause of illness?

There are various causes of illness ranging from poor hygiene to unfavorable climatic conditions

In the event a student is involved in an accident in the school setup would any of the common first aid practices be considered unacceptable?

There are various first aid practices, the use of each practice depend on the type of accident that has occurred. This, therefore, implies that not every first aid measure is acceptable the choice depends on the situation at hand.

Do people observe the dietary restrictions such as fasting on specific occasion?

When are these occasions?

Yes, People observe dietary restriction when advised by the doctor for medical reasons

Members of the community observe dietary restriction during prayers and holy days as in the case of Ramadhan for the Muslim community

What are the restrictions associated with the dead and death in general?

Death is considered to be evil, and no people are restricted from killing their colleagues. It is believed that the dead can haunt the living

What constitutes a family?

A family is composed of the father mother and children. This is referred to the immediate family. Extended family brings in distant relatives such as cousins, uncles, aunts and many other people who share blood.

Who are the members who live in one house and what are the rights and responsibilities of each family member?

The members who live a house include the father who is the head of the family. The mother and children.

The parents have a responsibility of taking care of the children while children are obligated to obey their parents.

What is the hierarchy of authority in a family?

At the top of the hierarchy is the father, followed by the mother and then children at the bottom of the hierarchy

What is the relative importance of individual family member in contrast to the family whole?

The individual family member has a role that he or she is required to do for the purpose of contributing the overall objective of the family

Thereare various ways of getting the answers to the questions highlightedin the above of the method of getting the answers isthrough interviewing the members of the community, this will help inestablishing the social life of p people which may vary from onecommunity to another. When conducting interviews, it is important touse appropriate language that can be understood by the members of thecommunity. The second method of getting the answers is throughresearch. This involves studying the way of life of people and learnsocial and cultural elements of the society (Shin,2015).

Inconclusion, the connection of the responses to the question describedin the chart can be made with the student’s culture by asking thestudents how their individual cultures and social life relate withthe answers in the chart. Students have diverse backgrounds, andtheir way of life may vary significantly (Alekseeva, Heinrich, &ampH.-G, 2013).


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