Culture Jamming – Create Your Own

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CultureJamming – Create Your Own

CultureJamming – Create Your Own

Culturejamming means the alteration of official communication oforganizations to challenge the presented concepts and the individualfreedom associated with the consumption of a product or service.People engage in culture jamming to change advertisements, images,and fashion statements to suit their experiences and interests. Thepaper discusses how consumers of McDonald’s (McD) products in theUnited States engage in culture jamming to communicate theirexperiences and thoughts. The most popular product of the company isthe hamburger.

Theimage below shows the changes made on the official McD advert. Theobjective of the alteration is to generate questions about thesuitability of the product to the American population. Various healthprofessionals have provided evidence that McD hamburger enhances theprobability of being overweight. This is because the ingredients formaking the product have a high concentration of unhealthy fats andsugar (Kamo, 2015). The title of the culture jamming image “CausingObesity Across the Country” indicates that the McD Hamburger causesobesity in the United States. A diet rich in fat and sugar increasesthe weight of people and causes obesity. The risk of obesity isfurther enhanced by the physically inactive lifestyles of manyAmericans. “BUT i’m lovin’ it” is a phrase that illustratesthat the American public is not health conscious. They continue topurchase the McD products even though they understand the negativeeffects of a diet rich in sugar and fats. “GET YOUR FAT FOR FREE!”mocks the promotion offer of the company that encourages people tobuy more humbuggers and get one free. Obtaining a free hamburgertranslates to the consumption of more sugars and fat (Howlett, 2016).The image generates questions by indicating that “60% of allAmericans are either overweight or obese.”

Culture Jamming Image

Theform of the image communicates to the society effectively. The formis analyzed using visual elements and design principles. The color isa visual element that is used to create an attractive image. Thebackground of the image is color red to attract the attention of theintended audience. The image is rectangular in shape to enhanceappeal to the audience. The texture is indicated in the picturethrough the use of the hamburger picture. The white dots on top ofthe hamburger indicate a rough texture. The space in the image iscongested because of the use of texts that have a large font. Thedesign principles applied in the image are scale and proportion,contrast, dominance, and emphasis. The scale and proportion used areappropriate because all information fits in the rectangular frame.Contrast is achieved by using color. The background is red, but thetexts are written in white and black. Dominance is achieved throughenlarging images. The hamburgers are big in size to attractsufficient attention of the public. The word “M” is also enlargedto inform the audience that the hamburgers are produced by the McD.

Theimage is effective in encouraging publicity of healthy living.Americans should be encouraged to adopt healthy diets and activelifestyles to minimize the overweight and obesity cases. Themanagement of McD should introduce healthy diets that have low levelsof sugar and fat (Howlett, 2016). The culture jamming process iseffective in improving the publicity of the unsafe food products thatare served in the popular fast food chains like McD.


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