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CurrentSocial Issues in the News

CurrentSocial Issues in the News faced with many social issues that affect the lives of Americans.Among the most common and present social issues affecting theAmericans today include police brutality and protests undertakingplace in North Dakota (García-Perdomo, Salaverría, Kilgo, &ampHarlow, 2017). This essay compares and contrasts the case of protestsin North Dakota with the cases of police brutality in the UnitedStates.

Thecases of the protests in North Dakota and the police brutality in theUnited States have some similarities. In both cases, the police useexcessive force to disperse the individuals involved. Additionally,the cases involve situations where the police use force towardsminority groups in the country such as Latinos, Natives, and Blacks.The cases of protests in North Dakota and that of police brutalityalso show similarities in that both have brought increased debate onthe rights of the people and how they are treated by the police(García-Perdomo, Salaverría, Kilgo, &amp Harlow, 2017).

Despitethe similarities the two cases illustrate, they have notabledifferences as mentioned below. First, the protests in North Dakotaare the result of the pipeline project that individuals from thatarea feel its construction will affect their lives. The police harassthe individuals as they try to disperse the protestors. The cases ofpolice brutality in the United States are not necessary reportedduring protests and demonstrations, police use excessive force incertain neighborhoods (García-Perdomo, Salaverría, Kilgo, &ampHarlow, 2017). In some cases, the Americans being harassed by thepolice are even not doing anything wrong.

Insummary, the protests in the North Dakota and the cases of policebrutality in the United States have shown both similarities anddifferences. In both situations, police use excessive force on thecitizens, and it has generated a lot of debate from the public.


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