Current Trends in Early Childhood

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CurrentTrends in Early Childhood


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CurrentTrends in Early Childhood

Currenttrends in early childhood education include integrated curriculum,science education, and early literature. Students in early childhoodeducation are imparted with science related concepts with anobjective of nurturing exploration and curiosity (“Foundationsof Early Education”).Early literacy is used as an intervention of preparing students forfuture enhancement of their writing and reading skills (“ECE”).The historical roots of early childhood education are oftenassociated with John Dewey, the father of pragmatism, FreidrichFroebel, a founder of the first kindergarten, and Maria Monetessori,who introduced a sensory approach to learning.

Braindevelopment is a process that is initiated before birth andcontinuous through other stages of the life cycle. Childhoodexperiences affectthe process of brain development by establishing either a fragilefoundation or a sturdy for the entire behavior, health and learningactivities in later phases of growth (College &amp College, 2017).In this perspective, brain research in early childhood education iscritical in developing effective preventive measures of ensuring thatsocial, cognitive, and language enhancement of a kid are notdeterred. Some of the social interventionsin earlychildhood education includeWaldorfapproach,Montessori,Nordicapproach,and Reggio Emilia approach (“ECRP”).The effectiveness of each approach is dependent on the perception ofa community and the value it accords to childhood education.

Instructiontechniques and strategies used in early childhood education includeLogo labeling, sound recognition and matching, photo flashcards ofsocial scenarios, and shared skills. Childhood learning is based onthe theories of John Dewey, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and LucySprague (Morrison, 2013).&nbspSocial theories alludeto how the childinteracts with family members as they develop an understanding oftheir rights and responsibilities as members of the community.


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