Customer Service in a Diverse World

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CustomerService in a Diverse World


Inmany occasions, we always make assumptions that older peoplecontribute less to the society. Some people treat the elderly like“antique autos” as they think that these people can’t get anyreal work out of them. For instance, managers don’t want to hireolder people since they think older employees present a lot ofthreats, are assumed not to be loyal and need to be paid more.Similarly, their vast experience is not needed as they are assumed tocontribute less to the community. On the other hand, for some reasonsyoung people think older people have problems using modern technologyhowever, it is true that these people know how to use more advancedsoftware and are more capable than the young people.

Negativeassumptions have harmful effects for the quality of life of elderadults and can cause a big loss to the community. The beliefs thatolder people contribute less to the society can reduce motivation inelderly people and make them to behave in a way regular with thestereotype. Likewise, negative assumptions can undermine optimalperformance in aging people. Equally, it can promote discriminationin the society which may end up to quarrels among the people (Barber,Sarah &amp Mather, 2014).

Inmy opinion, young customers are often stereotyped in the sense thatthey are seen as people who are not serious with life and who alwaysdo wrong. For example, recently, teenagers are intimidated by thepolice who pull them off the streets and questions them about the waythey are dressed thus they are called liars, cannabis smokers andblade carriers. In this case, young people have been assumed tocausing danger to the society and portrayed as brats consequentlythey are always stereotyped. Moreover, serving elderly persons needsmuch attention than young people because older people deserve muchrespect and require special needs and requirements. For instance,while in a restaurant, older people should be served first to showrespect and love for their well-being.

Accordingto the video, it is crucial for us to understand that everyone isdifferent as we all live in a diverse environment that needs equalparticipation, equal services, and equal value. Likewise, ourinstitutions are centers of diversity and upholds the value ofdiverse excellence. Similarly, we have to learn how to work withculturally diverse customers by paying attention to their requestsbecause diversity encompasses gender, race, age, sexuality andindividual behavior. Everyone is required to improve his or herintercultural communications with people he or she is serving byaccommodating varied opinions and suggestions. We are therefore,expected to show empathy and give an all-inclusive service withoutdiscrimination and prejudice.


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