Daddy and Marriage

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Daddyand Marriage

Thereis a high prevalence of male dominance in the society to thedisadvantage of women. The dominance is so severe that there is now acommon perception whereby women are only there to be seen, and thisexplains the focus on women’s sexuality. From a young age, girlsare made to believe they should dress well to be noticed. Besides,women grow up with the perception that they have to please men. Suchprecedence has a pernicious influence on women’s life as it makesthem more vulnerable to exploitation by men. The dire situation alsoclouds the reasoning of girls, and they sometimes unknowingly walkinto bad relationships. It is in this backdrop that Katy Perry andother artists have come out to address the issue of exploitationtowards women.

KatyPerry highlights various aspects of marriage through the song “WideAwake” Her core message centers on the fact that women fail to seethe reality when they are under the influence of love. They vieweverything as perfect, even if it is not. Katy Perry suggests thatmarriage is not all fun, contrary to what people may perceive it tobe. She, therefore, cautions against falling in love blindly. A womancan blindly fall in love with a man who may end up exploiting her inmarriage. However, she details that it might be hard to know the realcharacter of a man when she is deeply in love with him. Failure tothink objectively can result in regrets when it is too late. It is onthis premise that Perry says she is now wide-awake. The child’sfigure in the video serves to imply Perry’s wish to have theknowledge she now has when she was young. It is too late, and she hasto accept and move on.

Thepresentation of foes as men reinforces the prevalence of maledominance. Women perceive men as more important than them. With thisthinking, women fall into a trap. The labyrinth implies thedifficulty women face in their efforts to rescue themselves from thetrap of male dominance and exploitation. Only the courageous womenmanage to get out of the trap. Katy reenacts the “forbidden fruit”scene in reference to Adam and Eve’s desire to gain new knowledgeupon eating the fruit. In this context, Katy uses the strawberry toimply to a woman’s fantasy of happiness in marriage only to bedisappointed.

Thereis a great similarity between Daddy and Perry in addressing the maledominance. Both of them point out the exploitation of women by men.For instance, Sylvia details her suffering in the hands of her fatherand husband in the poem “Daddy”. At her young age, Sylvia’s dadhad no emotional touch with her and suppressed both her mother andher. In the same way, Sylvia says that her husband did break herheart. Similarly, Perry highlights her suffering in her relationshipand her efforts to break away from the said relationship.

Inconclusion, the suppression of women by men is a matter of concern,and both Katy and Sylvia use their art to address the problem. Katyuses her song to caution women on the dangers of blindly falling inlove and entering into marriage. Besides, she finally gainsunderstanding and decides to rescue herself from male dominance. Inthe same manner, Sylvia uses the poem “Daddy” to express herdesperation and hatred towards men.

“Daddy” and Marriage

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“Daddy”and Marriage

“Daddy”And Marriage

“Daddy’s”article discusses the superiority of man, highlighting how womenstrive to please men and also points out what many think marriage isall about.The article applies celebrity Katy Perry`s case toillustrate different aspects of living as couples the women stand inthe society as well as how men impact their lives. “Daddy”outlines how women since ancient times have been taught to live undersuperiority of a man, explaining reasons why women should learn toplease men. Tactical narration and mixing of words are part of thetechniques in the article that are applied in explaining differentopinions. The purpose of this essay is to examine the different waysthat feminists express themselves to the world

Perry’sView on Marriage

KatyPerry points out that marriage may not be “a lasting forever thing”as many may think. In her new single &quotWide Awake,&quot whichshe refers to as the &quotDose of Reality,&quot She tries toexplain that in case of a breakup or marriage failure, people shouldaccept the reality and carry on with their lives. In one of theinterviews with MTV News, Katy said, &quotIt`s kind of like comingdown from a high level, you`ve been on cloud nine for a long period,and it can`t always be so sweet. She adds &quotsometimes people needto understand that, and you have to recollect yourself up, move onand face the real facts of life, and realise that this is just alesson you learn and you`re motivated because of it.&quot Katy meantthat in case the marriage fails, the couples should learn to move on,forget the fantasy they had while married and treat the incident as alesson learned.

Howthe child figure into the wide-awake video

Thegirl child in the video represents &quotthe real her.&quot Itsymbolises her former innocence before she indulged into fame andcelebrity which has taken much control of her life. It shows thatwith many temptations and traps of fame, there comes a time whencelebrities desire their past simple life. The desire and longing forone`s past persona may help him, overcome obstacles and provide a wayto greener pastures (Perry, 2014).

Whyall men are foes and why the labyrinth

Menare always on top of women in almost all aspects, and they have beendescribed by many feminists as one of the obstacles women have toovercome in their pursuit of success and fame. In the &quotWideAwake&quot video, the two men with horned heads act as “naysayers”or obstacles barring Katy Perry from &quotgreener pastures.&quotThe labyrinth symbolises how complicated and confusing the world andthe road to fame is. It is a maze, and a person has to find his orher way through.

WhyPerry reenact the “forbidden fruit” scene but use a strawberry ina gothic and death-like setting

Thestrawberry symbolises fame and also represents one of her debut album“One of the Boys” which had a lot of viewing and brought her alot of fame. However, this strawberry in gothic and death-likesetting points out how this fame has much control of her life andinterferes with her personal life. It shows the negative implicationsof recognition.

How &quotDaddy&quot relate to Perry in terms of the focus on marriageand men

“Daddy”understanding on marriage relates very closely to Perry`s view. Daddysays &quotWhat matters is how they look. Why? It is because theyneed to &quotget a man.&quot Once they get a man life is over.They are &quothappily ever after.&quot But that is not whathappens, as all of you know&quot. He means that marriage may seemlike a &quotbeginning point of happiness&quot for many people butthat may not always be the point or the “happiness” may not lastvery long. Katy, on the other hand, views marriage period as a &quotsweetmoment&quot and compares the feeling as &quotbeing on cloud nine.&quotHowever, she expounds the point and urges people not to expect thisfeeling to last forever, and they should be ready to move on in casethings go wrong. On the event of men, Daddy puts the man insuperiority &quotMen are usually on top of women, and she learnsthat her place is to be at the bottom.&quot Katy understands thatmen are superior, but she views them as &quotnaysayers&quot who mayblock one`s way to success (Perry, 2014).


Peopleshould bear in mind that marriage is a “no rush” decision so asto avoid heartbreaks and marriage failures. It is evident that womenwere created as companions and helpers to men who are their superiorsand who pose several implications on women lives.


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