Dealing with Annoying Co-Workers

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Dealingwith Annoying Co-Workers

Dealingwith Annoying Co-Workers

Inan article titled ‘How to Deal with Annoying Co-Workers’, Green(2011) offers useful tips on how to engage productively withcolleagues with different personalities. As I read Green’s article,I remember a lady we were in high school together. This lady, Grace,was a very resourceful person especially during group discussionsbecause she seemed to understand most of the concepts that the restof us found difficult. Nonetheless, I personally found her somehowdomineering she had a habit of dictating the direction that ourgroup discussions would take. Additionally, even though some of thegroup members felt relieved that she would dominate almost alldiscussions, I now realize that Grace was more of a know-it-all thana group member. We would make our contributions alright, but thislady would be the one to say whether or not a suggestion wasrelevant. The part that I found most annoying about her was that itwas somehow a taboo for us to have light moments during discussionswhenever someone cracked a joke, and the rest laughed, she would say,&quotWhat’s funny? Stop behaving like kids. We will never completethis task if all you do is laugh.” To me, such sentiments were asign of disrespect for the team members, and I found Grace`s behaviorvery annoying. As I reflect on Green’s (2011) assertions, I amconvinced that the person who most of us thought was an effectivegroup member was more of a know-it-all.

Iwould have quit the group, but unfortunately, the group had beencreated and assigned by our tutor, with no room for one to shift.Thankfully, the assignment only took two weeks to complete, but I amsure that I gave Grace a hard time during the second week. Naturally,I am a very intolerant person, and I was not able to conceal mydisgust towards her. My way of expressing my disgust was throughnon-verbal communication I would roll my eyes every time she made acomment in response to my opinion (Anderson, 2013). Similarly, Ideveloped the habit of looking at the surroundings for an abnormallylong duration, and this was deliberately done to express my disgust.Apart from that, I would make sarcastic comments just to let her knowthat I was not comfortable with her behavior. For instance, I used torefer to as her as ‘Deputy Tutor’, a sarcastic title that she,thankfully, never took negatively.

Atthat time, I felt that being cold and showing open distaste was thebest of letting Grace know that her know-it-all attitude and behaviorwas irritating. However, having read Green`s article, I realize thatthere are better and more effective ways of dealing with such personsin future. In full understanding of the fact that I may encounterpeople with similar behaviors in my future workplace, I find Green`sadvice highly useful and timely. Precisely, considering that I willbe seeking professional growth in my future workplace, it may not beproductive to let such people dominate. Unlike in school whereGrace’s dominance helped us to complete the group assignment, oneof my goals in the workplace will be enhancing my knowledge andexperience. For this reason, I am planning to ignore any uncalled foradvice or opinion from know-it-all colleagues. Specifically, I willemploy the tactic of deflecting their remarks by simply thanking themfor their suggestions and letting them know that I will considertheir ideas. In addition to this, and in light of the reality thatsuch people are generally regarded to be obnoxious (Green, 2011), Imight consider engaging such colleagues in private, friendlydiscussions which will help them to understand that their behaviordoes not augur well with some people.


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