Delta Airlines

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DeltaAirlineshasadomesticpresence and a global influence attributed to variousstrategies,which aredifferent from its comprehensiveplanas a consequence the clientele that it services. The organizationdealswith domesticflights in the United States of America(Rothaermel &amp Taylor, 2014).The domestic success of the company is attributed to prudentdecisions in selectingairline routes and to settingprices for the services. The pricing strategy of the organizationensuresthat it continues to dominate the market. Moreover, Delta Airlineshas an effective marketing strategy, which targetsvarious market niches through the use of national media. The companydifferentiates its services with an objective of attaining customerloyalty and thus, ensuring sustainable growth (Rothaermel&amp Taylor, 2014).In this regard, Delta’s domestic strategy differences from itsglobal strategy in the modes of adverting and retaining customerloyalty.

Question8 a

Deltaairlines can respond to changing American demographics by setting thefollowing goals:

  1. The company can improve the quality of its services by offering complementary services to its passengers

  2. The airline should also consider subsidizing the fair charged to individuals who travel regularly as a way of creating customer loyalty.

  3. Delta airlines should explore newer routes, which have higher volume of passengers in an attempt to increase its revenues

Question8 b

Deltaairlines can respond to the emergence of global carriers by settingthefollowing goals:

  1. Internationally, the airlines should consider lowering its fares in order to compete with other carriers.

  2. Delta Airlines should also explore other advertising avenues as a way of marketing its carriers globally.

  3. The organization should consider the feedback given by its international customers as a way of improving its services.


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