Description of the Word `Quality` and my Personal Experience

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Descriptionof the Word ‘Quality’ and my Personal Experience

The word quality in engineering means conformance to one’sexpectations. Products are referred to as quality if they operateeffectively with other equipment and perform a given task withlimited challenges for an extended period. The paper discusses whenthe concept of quality met my expectations and one occurrence when Ifailed to meet quality.

I grew up withunmeasurable passion regarding subjects that comprise sciences andmathematics. My dream in pursuing engineering dawned in high school,where I was able to perform many projects successfully. One of theprojects involved designing a simple sugarcane juice machine in highschool. Driven by quality, I made numerous consultations andextensive reading.For instance, I ensured the machine cabinet iscomposed of stainless steel to prevent rust incidences, making thesample machine durable. In addition, the designing ensured that thesqueezer and rollers function together efficiently, extracting sugarcan juice without peeling. Consequently, the machine was able toextra juice from one sugar cane within less the one minute making ittime saving. All the parts of the machine were able to functionproperly with minimal noise and without breaking down, an indicationof quality. I received financial aid for the school due to myprojects practicality in the country. I observed honesty during thepurchase of the required materials, which is a trait that I haveupheld since I was young. I did not utilize someone’ data in myproject as I aimed to act with integrity in my scientific activitiesas other scientists deserve credit for their work. Authenticity andquality designing and been my mission since I purposed to venturedeeply in science.

I have never beeninterested in designing products or producing work that does not meetquality standards. My uncle noted my talent and passion in science.During his son’s birthday who is three years old, he invited me todesign a colorful parachute toy to present to him. In receive enoughmoney to purchase the required materials in advance. Nevertheless, itwas during the holiday, and I had my commitments. When two days wereremaining, I realized I could not produce a perfect parachute toy aswe had agreed. The toy parachute required many drawings,measurements, and connections. Consequently, I made a toy that waslarger, as it was capable of consuming less time. However, the toy Imade did not comply with my uncle`s requirements.

Two measures couldhave been used to ensure success. First, I could have started thework in advance to avoid being caught up by the deadline. Secondly, Icould have requested assistance from a friend to the ensure timelyand quality service. The experience taught me that without qualitywork, it is difficult to progress in one’s life goal. Educationrequires individuals who are honest and observe integrity in order towin the approval of others. In conclusion, quality is easy to achieveif individuals adhere to the specified standards and work within theallocated time.