Developing Leaders Around You

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DevelopingLeaders Around You

DevelopingLeaders Around You

Effectiveleadership is a pre-requisite for any organization to increaseproductivity and foster increased success. Without good leaders, itis impossible for any organization or institution to succeed sinceleaders are the ones who direct and facilitate others to maximizeefficiency and achieve organizational goals and objectives. Throughhis book DevelopingLeaders Around You,Maxwell provides valuable insights on the hallmarks of a good leader. Going through the book, leaders are motivated to try to achievetheir full potential by recognizing and training other leaders. Afterreading John Maxwell’s book, I have realized that leadership is avisual thing, that I should think big, that I should build trustthrough developing sound character, that I should win with people,and that I should treat people with respect by always seeing the bestin them.

Firstly,I learned a lot about the concept of leadership. Maxwell (1995)explains that leadership is a visual thing and the best way for aleader to impart knowledge to the people he/she works with modellingthe way. I also learned that leadership is not a position but aprocess. In addition, I understood that people who want to get aheadoften follow the wrong strategy as they want to be better leaders bygetting bigger jobs. However, it is better for people to hone theirleadership skills, which would later help them get bigger leadershippositions. Therefore, I realized that leadership is not about theposition but the process that develops an individual into asuccessful leader.

Secondly,I learned that in order to become a great leader, I should be able tothink big. Individuals who shy away from challenges and avoid takingrisks will never know just how much they can achieve since they won’tattempt anything. Maxwell (1995) asserted that a person who is notwilling to expand his/her boundaries restricts his /her possibilityof growing. Hence, I learned that, to be effective leaders, peoplehave to get out of their comfort zones and work extremely hard so asto reach their potential and attain success. Hence, as someone whoalso aspires to be an effective leader, I should work hard, and gainthe courage and self-confidence necessary to motivate me to take boldsteps in a leadership capacity. In addition, I should feel secureenough to try to excel in fields that have not been tried before.

Inaddition to understanding what leadership entails, I also learnedthat it is important to have a character that builds trust among allpeople that I associate with. If a person intends to be a successfulleader, then he/she should ensure that everyone he/she works withbelieves in him/her and would always follow his/her advice. No onewould be willing to follow a person that they do not trust. Maxwell(1995) explains that a leader has to build trust among the peoplethat he/she works with. The most effective way that a person can useto cultivate trust is by having unquestionable character. Therefore,to build the character to be a good leader, I will constantly striveto improve on my values, virtues, and traits.

Anotherthing that I learned from the book was that I should win with people.A leader is only successful if he is surrounded with followers whoare efficient and productive in their tasks. If I want to be asuccessful leader, I should have a good team of people who havediverse talents and perform their tasks efficiently and effectivelyin ways that foster the attainment of the set goals and objectives.Hence, as a leader, I should be able to inspire the people around meby instilling faith in my leadership abilities and constantlyassisting them to also develop and hone their skills andcompetencies. True leadership is solely dependent on influence. Itcannot be appointed, awarded or assigned. Therefore, I would ensurethat I positively influence the people around me and ensure that theyalso grow and develop personally as well as in their professionalcapacities. The ability to facilitate the growth and professionaldevelopment of the people you work with is the greatest asset thatany leader can have in his/her possession.

Finally,I learned that a good leader treats all people around him/her withrespect and dignity. People will always be motivated to rise up tothe level of a leader’s expectation if they like him/her andbelieves that he/she pursues what is best for the entire team orgroup. Consequently, I will treat all people with respect regardlessof their abilities. I would strive to promote positive growth ineveryone that I work with and ensure that they can operate in aconducive environment where respect and harmony is the norm. If Icannot find the best in terms of skill, I would not dismiss theperson of look down on them. Rather, I will identify a non-technicalarea that the individual is excellent in and develop this aspect.

Inconclusion, I have learned that leadership is a calling to guide anddirect others while also enabling them to grow and develop bothpersonally and professionally. Reading this book has made me realizethat a leader who does not facilitate those around him/her to alsoreach their potential may find himself/herself hitting a snag intheir progression to success. In order to develop into a successfulleader, I would develop an appropriate mentality or character andwould always strive to inspire the people around me to be betterversions of themselves. The book conveys an emphatic message that hasgiven me a lot of teachings other than the few I have discussed inthe essay. The book has many more teachings on how to become aneffective leader and most readers would find it a very useful tool innurturing leadership. It has an unequivocal message for those peoplewho do not assist others to perform their duties in a proper mannerthat they will not be successful as leaders since leadership is moreof a team effort than an individual’s efforts.


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