Difference between Player Piano and Portable Audio Devices

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Differencebetween Player Piano and Portable Audio Devices


Differencebetween Player Piano and Portable Audio Devices

Theadvent of new technologies has revolutionized music and its impact onpeople. In the late 18th century, the emergence of the player piano,Pianola, had a significant impact on the history of soundreproduction technologies. In the mid-19th century, the dawn portableaudio devices improved the music realm. The essay seeks to establishsome commonalities and differences between player piano and SonyWalkman.


Theplayer piano, like the Walkman, provided music entertainment andpeople could have their favorite music at any time. The two deviceshad an option of repeat and random through which an individual couldlisten to a particular music without interruptions. Player pianoprovided an individual with the opportunity to add expression to themusic by manipulating the levers attached to the keyboard. Peoplecould change to their favorite music depending on the prevailingmood.


Thenew inventions of portable audio devices such as iPod and Walkmancame along with the use of the internet. The advent of Walkman madeit easier for people to personalize their pieces and listen to musicanywhere. Unlike the player piano, the portability of the Walkman hadmyriad advantages such as occupying a smaller space.

Howthese Technologies Changed People’s Relationships to Music

Theevolution of music has been directly affected by the moderntechnology and the advent of the internet. People can customize theirfavorite music and store them in storage media where they can listenfrom, anytime and anywhere. The use of the internet has enabledpeople to download and listen to music.


Inconclusion, the experience of music consumers over time has changedthe sound reproduction technologies in a manner that fits into therespective demands in the market. Creativity and innovation in thesector have also had a paramount impact on the music culture.