Different Types of Fractures

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DifferentTypes of Fractures


Humanbones are supposed to be strong and hard-wearing nevertheless,subjection to excess force can damage them. The video tutorialanalyzed in this paper discusses the major types of fractures, theircommon causes, and the most vulnerable individuals. The list includesspiral (caused by a twisting force), compression (results fromosteoporosis), comminuted (mainly found in elderly patients),epiphyseal (due to weak cartilage), greenstick (comes from highflexible matrix among younger people), and the depressed fracture(occurs on the skull). The presentation also gives details regardingwhat happens after the injury arises. The information is crucial tomy community as I can use it to educate different people on safestrategies to avoid hurting bones. For instance, senior citizensshould refrain from engaging in strenuous games such as soccer sincethey have fragile cartilages that predispose them to epiphysealfractures. Similarly, the knowledge would assist sports enthusiastsand teenagers to avoid common injuries that result from carelessnesssuch as negotiating corners at very high speed as it could lead tospiral fissure damage on some bones.


Theanatomy topic is crucial for my future career since I aspire to be anorthopedic doctor. I became interested in the field after my bestfriend’s father was involved in a grisly road accident seven yearsago. He sustained multiple fractures that crippled him. Four yearslater, an international organization offering free orthopedicservices informed him that he did not receive the correct treatmentotherwise, the bones could have restored to normalcy. I feltchallenged to specialize in the occupation to prevent another personfrom our place from going through a similar fate of incorrecthandling. Furthermore, I suffered four fractures during my childhood.I attribute the several injuries to the lack of essential knowledgeon suitable ways to avoid subjecting the bones to extreme forces.Once the society has the facts, I believe the frequency of fractureinjuries will reduce drastically.


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