Differential Treatment

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Theworkplace is the most common venue that employees and employers throwtheir frustration and express their personal behavior. Conflict inthe workplace begins with minor misunderstandings, which if not tamedare likely to culminate into a bigger problem, requiring theattention of senior members of an organization(Lubin, 2013).Concerning Robert`s case, he is going through two major problems inthe workplace sexual discrimination and harassment. A combination ofthe two issues has brewed a possible conflict between Robert and hissupervisor, Ms. Price. Although the environment might be new for Ms.Price as a supervisor, she should take note of Robert`s feelings.Regarding sexual discrimination, Robert is being discriminated uponby Ms. Price, owing to the cold treatment and lack of communicationfrom Ms. Price. Ms. Price does not want to communicate directly toRobert and uses fellow employees to communicate. This amounts todifferential treatment in the workplace.

Beingthe only male worker in the library, Robert’s case can be built onthe grounds of sexual harassment and discrimination. An instance ofsexual harassment is stopping Robert from the orientation program,which is a formality practiced in the library without giving anyreason or communication. Additionally, this can be termed as an abuseof office on Ms. Price`s side. Concealing information from anemployee and using ignorance to scare and manipulate one can betermed as harassment(Lubin, 2013).Her constant cold treatment towards Robert created fear in him, whichamounts to harassment from an opposite gender. Robert has to submitwritten requests, which is different from other female employees whogive oral requests that are granted. Additionally, Ms. Price acteddifferently to male patrons at the Reference Desk compared to thefemale patrons. Therefore, it is enough to justify that Robert was avictim of sexual discrimination and sexual harassment at theworkplace.


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