Digital Marketing through Social Media

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DigitalMarketing through Social Media

DigitalMarketing through Social Media

Digitalmarketing is the core driver currently initiating success inbusinesses. Social media is an online platform that guarantees a vastrelationship between its users. The developed brand relationship iseasily achieved through social media (Tuten, T. L. 2014).

Formore than a century, support has been generated to help managers andstakeholders understand how to develop a strong brand image. Usingsocial media has been an interesting idea for decades, but brands arestill trying to utilize the power digitally to discover effectiveways to impact on their desired brand image (Tuten, T. L. 2014). Withregards to this, Publix Grocery store has adopted social media todevelop a strong brand relationship.

Marketersshould adopt social media for digital marketing this gives the brandan opportunity of communicating closely with their clients. Byutilizing social media like Facebook, brands can benefit from thisopportunity by communicating its value and engaging with existingcustomers (Glynn, M. 2014). For instance, many consumers have astrong relationship with the Apple brand, demonstrated by theiraffection as well as the extent to which they feel towards the brand.Transparency and communication teach and ignite discussion. Brandscan communicate their expertise by providing idealistic informationthat customers can share with others.

Furthermore,accountability is very crucial. (Chu, S. C. 2011) Said, “Brand cannecessarily hold itself accountable for providing a perfect product.”Also, simple engagement attracts most customers. Enhance value in acomprehensive way through apps, content, infographics, and software.Finally, social responsibility builds brand equity, because customershave the idea that they are not just about profits, but providingback what the world deserve. By way of example, “a report frome-Market, 78%of customers said that they are more likely to buy froma company if the executive adopts social media with 81% having fulltrust in the company”. This impression develops a strong brandrelationship.

Inconclusion, to transform brand relationships, transparency,accountability, communication and social responsibility are the mainfactors to consider when adopting social media platform. Marketersshould assume social media when advertising the products. Socialmedia plays a very significant role in the field of advertisement asit has been discussed above.


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